MG Motor India Launches Sanitization Drive to Sanitize 4000 Police Vehicles

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Several automobile manufacturers in our country are playing a pivotal role in battling the Covid-19 outbreak and MG Motor is doing its bit as well. The carmaker recently announced that it will be undertaking the complete car sanitization including fumigation, car wash, cabin refresh and sanitization of high touch points (Interior and Exterior) of Police vehicles. Under this initiative, the carmaker aims to sanitize up to 4,000 police vehicles across India at its service stations, free of cost, starting 4th May 2020. It is a well-established fact that cars are an essential part of our personal space and are exposed to various health threats. The police force is leading the front and is exposed to the current health crisis and this sanitization drive by MG Motor India is surely a welcome move.

To ensure utmost care and safety of car occupants, in an industry-first initiative to support police, MG Motor India has started fumigation of the vehicle cabins as part of the overall sanitisation initiative. The technique uses vapours and sanitizes the vehicle’s complete interiors including the disinfection of the car’s interior surfaces across corners, removing micro – organism and other particles.

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MG Motor India Sanitisation drive

Speaking on the initiative, Rajeev Chaba, President & Managing Director, MG Motor India, said “We understand the risks undertaken by the police department especially in these tough times. In our endeavour to support them, we are going the extra mile with fumigation of police cars, which ensures complete disinfection of the vehicle’s cabin. The fumigation process ensures that these frontline warriors do not have to wait for long as their vehicles get sanitized and prepared for the next trip. We are thankful to our dealers who have stepped forward to support MG Motor India in this initiative. They will work with the local police authorities under advanced safety protocols to carry out the complete sanitization of police cars irrespective of the brand, at their service stations till the end of May 2020.”

MG Motor India has also partnered with top car-detailing agencies (3M & Wuerth) to support complete car sanitisation including exteriors and interiors. These initiatives ensure a completely safe and protected experience for the occupants. MG Motor India continues to focus on sanitized car deliveries via the ‘Disinfect and Deliver’ initiative. The carmaker has also tied up with Singapore-based Medklinn to explore natural sterilization of cabin air and surfaces in its cars.

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