Audi R8 V10 Once Owned By Virat Kohli Now Rests In A Sorry State


Most famous personalities are known to have a soft spot for fast machines. In India, Sachin Tendulkar’s Ferrari was nearly as famous as the man himself and just like the Legend, current Superstar Virat Kohli has a thing for fancy wheels too. Virat is also the brand ambassador for Audi in India and owns quite a few of their fast machines. Like Sachin’s Ferrari, one of Virat’s R8 found a new owner too. However, the man didn’t earn his living in an honest manner.

Ex virat Kohli Audi R8 V10 rear

Image Courtesy: Automobili Ardent on Instagram

As a result, after raiding his properties while investigating a con job, the authorities also seized the Audi R8 he had bought from Mr Kohli. Currently residing in an impound lot somewhere in Thane, near Mumbai, the sorry state of this fast machine will make the enthusiast inside you feel glum. For being stationary inside the impound lot for nearly a year now, the R8 even drifted across the empty ground from one end to the other during a flood. If the enthusiast within you is thinking that it could be a good idea to pick this up if it ever gets auctioned, such is the state of this V10 powered example that it would probably take more than half the car’s worth just to make it road-worthy again.

Ex virat Kohli Audi R8 V10 side profile

As a factory-fresh option, the R8 is currently available in Coupé and Spyder forms in 3 versions – the R8 V10 Quattro, the R8 V10 performance Quattro, and the limited edition R8 V10 Decennium. The last version pays homage to 10 years of the V10 motor which powers the R8. Limited to 222 units and with bronze-coloured highlights inside and out, the Decennium is powered by a 620 hp V10 screamer.

Audi R8 Decennium

The naturally aspirated 5.2 FSI develops a maximum torque of 580 Nm and makes this limited-edition R8 to sprint from zero to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds, onwards to a top speed of 331 km/h! This special model is only available as a Coupe and comes painted in an exclusive shade of Daytona Grey with Matte effect. You may spec it to be painted in a few other colour options too.

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