VIDEO: Winching Basics And Hand Signals For Off-Road Newbies

Get to know the basics about the winching technique and hand signals which help you when going off the road.

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If the black top doesn’t cut it for you, The Mahindra Thar presents a strong case for itself as the most affordable tool you can buy to go properly off the road. A new-gen model is being readied as you read this, which will be wider, bigger and more modern than the existing example, which on its own, is very capable. To push the Thar’s capabilities, we recently attended a session at Mahindra’s off-road academy at Igatpuri, near Nashik, and came back to share a few of our learnings with you.

Headed by thorough professionals who are well-trained to pass on their knowledge, we were mighty impressed with how they made some Mahindra off-roaders do things, one wouldn’t probably imagine on their own. Which brings us to Winching – a technique performed to rescue a stranded vehicle, which is bound to happen during serious off-roading. The above video will guide you on some basics of winching before you can bolt one on your off-roader and try to rescue one of your like-minded friends.

Apart from that, while seated inside a vehicle, it is sometimes impossible to know if your wheel is positioned correctly to pass through tough sections. During such situations, the co-driver, or a spotter is the person the driver must rely upon. Some basic hand signals come handy and help you to sail through a seemingly impossible situation. The above video demonstrates just that and it should give you a fair idea of how going off the road is fun but serious business. Some other basics you must follow include, always ensuring you travel with a backup vehicle when venturing into the unknown. Knowing the limits of your vehicle, ensuring its state is top notch and safety are prime factors. If you wish to learn more, you may follow Mahindra Adventure’s website and enrol yourself for some fun learning.