Top Five fun to ride motorcycles for city commute

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How much power is too much? Today, you can easily buy yourself an entry level performance motorcycle like the KTM 390 Duke, Honda CBR250R, Kawasaki Ninja 300 and the likes. But would you use it every day for commuting to work, especially if your office is located at the other end of a populous city? Not such a good idea then with rising inflation. But then, riding a 100-125cc commuter motorcycle would make you feel 15 years over your age. We would feel the same. So to help you out, we came up with a list of five fun to ride motorcycles that would not only take care of your daily commute, but also ensure you have some fun at red light drags.

KTM 200 Duke


The first in our list had to be the little orange monster which comes with hooligan written all over it (hypothetically). But as hooligan as it may look, it is a great tool for transportation with lots of usable power. Yes, the motorcycle does feel a little uncomfortable going slow, but thanks to its great handling capabilities, you can slice your way through traffic with ease. But if you are tight on budget, our second contender is just as good, although for 2/3 rd’s of the amount.

Pulsar 200NS

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Black and White

The Indian sibling of the KTM 200 Duke was specifically made for the cost conscious audience who crave for a performance machine but are on a tight budget. Yes, the Pulsar 200NS does miss out on a few premium features that the KTM offers but it makes up for the shortfall with the aggressive styling and a lower price tag. Moreover, in comparison to Duke 200, the Pulsar 200NS is slightly more comfortable for PYT’s.

Yamaha FZ-S Version 2

Yamaha-FZ-FZ-S-V2-Launch (8)

The Yamaha FZ series was a true game changer for the Japanese manufacturer. The introduction of the FZ series back in 2008 shook the Indian two-wheeler market with its aggressive looks that were offered by Yamaha at a very affordable price tag. With the second version, Yamaha has given the FZ more technology than ever before. The new FZ-S is the cheapest motorcycle that comes with fuel injection technology. The flamboyant colour tone will make sure that you get attention throughout your journey, while the sweet handling, flickability and the sporty riding stance will ensure you look forward to your commute everyday.

Honda CB Trigger

CB Trigger 1

And then there is this – the Honda CB Trigger, blessing for every commuter who craves for better fuel efficiency but with a decent engine. The CB Trigger uses a re-tuned 150cc engine from Honda’s best seller, the Unicorn. The unit of the CB Trigger produces nearly 14bhp of power. Aggressive styling and premium features like an all digital instrument cluster and LED tail lights make it a better looking motorcycle than its sibling and you would enjoy the butter smooth engine in any type of traffic.

TVS Apache RTR 180


And last, but certainly not the least, in our line-up for the fun to ride motorcycles for city commute is the TVS Apache RTR 180. The ‘Racing Throttle Response’ mechanism on the motorcycle ensures great feedback. But what’s unique about the Apache RTR 180 is that it is the only motorcycle in the segment that comes with an optional ABS. The LED headlights found on the updated variant of the Apache 180 gives it an attractive look too.

These are the top five motorcycles that we think would change the way you commute. Do you think otherwise? Share your views with us through comments below.

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  • parveez khan says:

    My opinion for the Pune traffic, the best commute would be the Duke.

  • Gnaneshwar says:

    Well said…!! I second that

  • gokul says:

    why not suzuki gixxer?,it is the best 155cc in the market and its true to its legendary name!! compared to that apache ,trigger,fz v2.0 are not equally fun to ride motorcycles.

  • kp says:

    Instead of rtr 180 gixxer 155 added to the list now

  • Charan says:

    i’d appretiate if the suzuki gixxer is in the feels so good to ride in traffic/populated guys must have forgot it.
    i feel sad for it not being in the list.:(