The Jeep Compass and its Pricing Mystery : Do You Have a Clue?

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Earlier this month, Jeep very kindly invited us to one of the most exciting drive events we attended in a long time. Back there after belting the Compass on and off the road, we were deeply impressed by the baby Jeep’s capabilities, maybe a little enamoured too. So much so, our Editor thinks I talk too much and too many times in praise of the Compass. But in my personal opinion, it seriously is that good. There isn’t a single cloud above my head if I have to conclude that the Compass is a brilliant product.

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But then, whoever has been following this product closely, and there are a lot of them, Jeep still has them stuck in the foggy waters of the Bermuda Triangle. Because you may walk up to your nearest dealership or book one online. But they still haven’t announced the prices, which has left everyone wondering while being on the edge of their seats. The announcement is important, because that alone will either make a lot of them ease back and write a cheque or slide straight off and consider a tried and tested alternative.


You see, their other products, although just as brilliant, were priced at a premium. Which eventually washed away the excitement about Jeep’s official entry in India. But the Compass, unlike their CBU portfolio, is Made in India. Not just that, India is also the hub from where it will be exported to its other right-hand drive markets. Coming back to the mystery, many are shooting in the air, including us, guessing that the Compass will sit in the 18 – 25 lakh bracket. Which according to us, will be great pricing for a product that will then become a natural upgrade for those who genuinely want to explore the outdoors while being behind the wheel of a capable machine, without spending a bomb.


While conversing with FCA officials during the drive event, we tried getting them to at least drop some hint as for where the Compass will be positioned. But they had locked their lips and thrown the key into the Arabian sea, telling us they’d pry it open only on the day of launch. When we asked if it will compete with the Tucson, they smiled. When we asked if it will go against products like the Hexa, their smiles grew bigger. When asked if the Compass will be launched at a price which will surprise one and all? They almost nodded.


Just like you then, we aren’t sure what kind of a surprise is in store for us. Although, we know that the jaw can drop and surprises can be of many kinds. But then maybe we should ask you, the consumer, the Kings, and the Queens. How much do you think you’d be ready to pay for the Jeep Compass? How much do you think it should cost? Do you think you can provide us and everyone else here with a clue?


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