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Opera Mini, the highly efficient web browser from Opera, in association with Motoroids presented the JugaadOnWheels contest to you. Jugaad, an Indian term used for making things work with minimal resources, applies to Opera’s Mini browser as well. The lightweight browser is a jugaad by itself, allowing users to browse even in low connectivity scenarios.

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Taking inspiration from the concept of Jugaad, we invited entries best representing the concept of JugaadOnWheels. The entry could have been anything related to two or four wheels, as long as it represented a concept which facilitated something in an innovative manner, with minimal use of resources.

Our readers overwhelmed us with their participation as always, and although the topic wasn’t very easy to participate, we received a huge number of entries. Readers sent us a variety of their JugaadOnWheels concepts, ranging from simple ideas in text, to complex setups which they devised to create their own, economical contraptions to replace expensive equipment.

We went through all the entries, giving more importance to JugaadOnWheels which the readers had created themselves over the ones which were just images of someone else’s jugaad. After due deliberation, and choosing the best entries, we created the list of the three lucky winners who have laid claim to the coveted prizes on offer. Here’s the list of the winners along with their respective entries

FIRST PRIZE – OnePlus 2 smartphone

Winner: Dhaval Mahidharia


Dhaval created a unique jugaad by clubbing together a night vision camera with a screen. He mounted the cam on his mobike’s tail, to create a car-style rear view camera for his motorcycle, with no elbows hindering the view, ever!

SECOND PRIZE – Syama X5 C Drone

Winner: Ajinkya Kadam


Ajinkya has created a jugaad mount for a smartphone on his motorcycle. He attached the mobile phone holder of a selfie stick to his GoPro holder, in turn creating a universal portable navigation device holder for motorbikes.

THIRD PRIZE – MT BLADE Raceline Sport Series helmet

Winner: Dhanraj H More


Dhanraj managed to mount his everyday compact video camera on his helmet. By doing this, he saved himself several thousand rupees which he otherwise would have spent on a GoPro.

Congratulations to the winners. And our heartfelt thanks to all of you who participated, or neutrally observed this interesting contest. We have more, bigger, grander of these contests coming up – so stay tuned!

We request the winners to send us their contact numbers and postal addresses for despatching their prizes. These details can be sent to us on feedback@motoroids.com

Once again, a big thanks to all the readers of Motoroids for their participation. We would also like to congratulate Opera for creating some of the most kickass browsers, and would like to thank them for making this unique contest possible.

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