Why Opera Mini is a must-have browser for all auto aficionados

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Motoring and biking, as we all know is not just about the thrill of speed, or a shot of dopamine that sets our spirits high for a brief period. Those who love cars and two-wheelers use these machines to celebrate the spirit of freedom, adventure and exploration. The spirit of travel and adventure is integral to all auto aficionados, who use their loved machines to tread untrodden territories, unravel new vistas and enrich their lives with new experiences.

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Most of us who love riding and driving travel to the hinterlands to satiate our passion for motoring, while also witnessing nature, culture and life in its most amazing forms. It’s a fresh new experience to cut ourselves away from the mundane daily routine and experience the world in its most bucolic, natural, unadulterated forms. As common wisdom goes, it’s always best to experience the wonders of this beautiful world face to face, and not on a digitized high-definition screen.

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That having been said, while most of the adventurers among us would want to break away from the digitized world, sometimes it’s not possible to cut that tether. Our work-related and personal commitments sometimes require us to get back to the data driven world for those brief periods of time even when we are out in the wilderness, trying to become one with the nature. On such occasions, we sometimes feel the need to be connected for those brief spurts, either for sharing that much required piece of information with our colleagues, or to share a memorable moment with our loved ones. In some unfortunate cases, we also need that connectivity to get out of a sticky situation.

It may be one of those moments when you stumble upon the most breathtaking view you have ever seen in your life, and you feel the compelling need to share an image of it with your best friend, wife or kids. As another example, it could be the news of a freefall in the stock market, which requires you to take immediate action and arrest the damage.

Unfortunately, in our part of the world, even after witnessing a telecom revolution, most regions away from the metros have poor data connectivity. While some of the telecom operators are offering blazing fast data speeds with 4G technology, it’s mostly sub-100kbps (mostly much worse) data speeds that rural India survives on. This makes most websites and services unusable while travelling, leaving you with very limited options to stay connected.

And this is where the smart Jugaad technology of Opera Mini steps in to help.

The lightweight browser from one of the best browser makers in the world is your perfect companion in such scenarios. Designed specifically to work even when data connectivity is bad, the Opera Mini browser strips websites of all the frills, focusing on the basic, more important bits to load useful bits with minimal data resource.


To put things in perspective in a quantitative manner, research by neutral agencies have proven that Opera Mini consumes 14% less battery and 89% less data on an average as compared to other mobile browsers. That can be a critical difference between getting a job done or not done in a critical scenario. The tests were conducted by Cigniti Technologies, an independent software testing company which evaluated the performance of Opera Mini against other leading mobile browsers such as Chrome, UC browser, CM browser and UC Mini on Wi-Fi, 2G and 3G networks in India.

Like the famous Indian concept of Jugaad, where we do more with less, the Opera Mini browser can get the job done even when the conditions are unfavourable. In the specific scenario where a motoring aficionado is stuck with an online task owing to bad connectivity, the Opera Mini Browser is the perfect #JugaadOnWheels.

The icing on the cake is the fact that Opera Mini doesn’t just pull you out from crisis situations, it also saves you money. For many mobile users, exceeding their limited data plan could be a reason to browse cautiously and a point of stress while surfing the web. This may not apply to Opera Mini users, though. For example, if a user is on a pay-as-you-use data plan – for every 1 GB of data used, browsing using other browsers on an average will cost between Rs. 1,465 to 1,369 (@ 2 paisa per 10 KB), while Opera Mini costs only Rs. 130. It means that users can save upto Rs 1,330 every month while browsing with Opera Mini.

Another very significant advantage of Opera Mini is its much superior compatibility with low-spec feature phones. It’s no secret that the entry level phones which are cheap to own have the lowest spec hardware, which doesn’t allow modern OS or fancy browsers to be installed. The harsh truth is, even with their low-spec configuration, these feature phones have a significant advantage over their feature and spec rich counterparts in terms of battery life, and they are a great option to be carried as a back-up device.

Opera Mini can be installed easily on all such devices. Combine the lightweight properties of the browser with its capability to extract the maximum juice out of sluggish 2G data networks, and you have the best combination to rely upon in resource-scarce scenarios.

The advantages of installing the Opera Mini browser on your phone are many, though we haven’t yet talked about the best part. Opera Mini is absolutely free! It doesn’t cost a penny to be installed, and with its small size, it would sit quietly in a corner of your phone screen with no harm done to anyone.

So go ahead – install Opera Mini on your phone today. It will save the day for you when crisis strikes and when every other browser has refused to work.

Being a great #JugaadOnWheels browser, Opera Mini is giving away some grand prizes for the most jugaadu auto enthusiasts among you. You can win a brand new OnePlus 2 smartphone, a camera drone and a premium quality helmet by participating in Opera Mini’s #JugaadOneWheels contest. Click here to participate and win big.

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