Must-Have, Low-Cost Accessories Before You Take Delivery Of A New Car

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So you are all ready to walk into the dealership and drive out behind the wheel of glittering new metal. However, there are certain things which you must consider kitting your new car with before you let those ribbons breathe some fresh air. Here are some must-have, low-cost accessories which will help to keep your new car, well, new for a long time and enhance your comfort and convenience:

Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

Car wash Audi two clothes

It’s human to care more about things when they are new. Naturally, you will either take things in your own hands or hire an everyday car wash guy to ensure your new ride stays shiny. But you don’t want him to use just any rag or a random piece of cloth which has already been used on 10 other dirty cars and will harm the shiny coat on your new car. Spend some money on a microfibre cloth or a cleaning duster which will be gentle on the paint. It’ll help if you can also get some car shampoo and restrict the washing unless absolutely necessary.

Floor Mats

3D mat for cars

Dealerships often throw in generic floor mats for every new car purchase. Some don’t and then the carpet is exposed to all the rubbish from your shoes. If the ones being offered are not to your liking, there are plenty of options available online and at a store which will help keep your car interiors clean. The 3d, 5d, 7d types are easy to place and clean too. Tip: Ask the dealership not to polish the dashboard as it will attract more dust particles if you leave the window open, make the surface greasy to touch, and increase reflection on the windscreen, hampering visibility on a sunny day.

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SunShades For Windows

Car window sunshade

Since sun films are now banned and hot weather is almost a year-long affair, installing the mesh-type sunshades will increase the efficiency of the air conditioner and keep occupants comfortable. Avoid the ones which stick on the glass through a suction cup and try getting the magnetic type which is easy to install and won’t keep falling off. Ensure all-around visibility is not hampered due to the installation and there are cutouts for you to watch the mirrors.


Fastag system

Although the implementation date has now been deferred to the 15th of December, make sure you get a fastag for your new car and install it correctly.

Car Cover

Kia Selto Global Unveil front in cover

If your usual car parking area is uncovered or under a tree, ensure you invest in a high-quality car cover. Acidic bird droppings can cause serious harm to the paint. Flying bits of concrete from a construction area nearby, mischievous kids, and all other such hazards exist too. Invest in a good tyre pressure gauge if your new car doesn’t come fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system. You could also consider a portable air pump.

Most modern cars come factory-fitted with security systems these days but you may invest in things like a wheel clamp, gear and steering lock, or a GPS-based system if your car stays parked in an unsecured area. Although the fragrance of a new car is memorable, get a car perfume to keep things fresh inside the cabin. Consider installing scuff plates on the door sills as they protect that area, every time occupants exit and enter.

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