VIDEO: 2019 Jawa and Jawa Forty Two Review; Our Take On Two Brand New Retro Motorcycles | Hindi Video Included


Mahindra-owned, Classic Legends Motorcycles has revived the Jawa brand in our country. The company unveiled their new bikes, the Jawa and Jawa Forty Two, both of which are retro-styled, modern motorcycles which offer a genuine alternative to the Royal Enfield 350 series. The 300 cc liquid cooled engine on both the Jawas offer 27 bhp and 28 Nm of torque. Both bikes use a front disc and rear drum set-up with the front brake getting a single channel ABS system. While these bikes share the same platform and engine, they are still different in a few ways. What difference do these bikes offer you ask? Do watch the video linked below for a complete answer.

With the differences out of the way, we can talk more about the bikes. A very important aspect of any bike is the sound it can deliver, the Jawa was made with that in mind and the engineers have tried their best to mimic the iconic 2-stroke engine note. What is more interesting that the exhaust offers 5-stages of tuning which changes the exhaust note to suit the rider. The DB killer offers 3 different positions which change the exhaust note. The note can be further changed by removing the DB killer itself and at the end, the end can of the exhaust may be changed to further change the exhaust note. Do watch our video to listen to the different notes.

Coming to the riding experience of the bikes, let us talk about the acceleration and top speed of the bikes. We took the Jawa out on the open road and gave it full throttle. The Jawa and Jawa Forty Two offer the same straight line performance and with the same engine, both engines will have the same top speed as well. Do watch our video on the top speed and 0 to 100 acceleration of the Jawa. The bikes did the 0 to 100 run in 12 seconds and the speedometer indicated top speed was found to be 125 kmph.

Want to know more about the bikes and have all your remaining questions answered? Let us start with the Jawa 42. The riding position of the bike is quite comfortable, yet, slightly more committed than the Jawa. The saddle is placed 765 mm above the ground. The bike is offered in a range of 6 different colours and all of them are very classic, retro-themed colours. There is a very basic instrument console placed above the headlight in an offset position. The console has various tell-tale lights and even a fuel indicator. The switchgear and grips are of great quality. For more on this bike, do watch our in-depth review of the bike.

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Now coming to the Jawa – a classic themed roadster which shares a majority of parts from the Jawa Forty Two. The Jawa offers a relaxed riding position, compared to the Forty Two. There is abundant amount of chrome on the bike for those who like that old-school shine. The headlight also is much larger than the unit present on the 42 and the speedometer dial is integrated inside the dome. This bike will appeal more to people looking for a classic themed cruiser. To know more about the Jawa bike do watch our video on this bike.

The Jawa has been priced at INR 1.64 Lakh, while the Jawa Forty Two retails at INR 1.55 Lakh. Both prices are ex-showroom, Delhi. Bookings, both online and in store are now open and you may visit your nearest dealer for a test ride.

Jawa 42 and Jawa
Jawa dealership Pune
Jawa Motorcycles Dealership Pune (1)
Jawa (Classic)seat (13)
Jawa (Classic) turn indicator(40)
Jawa (Classic) tail light(35)
Jawa (Classic) Sideways view(7)
Jawa (Classic) Sideways view(2)
Jawa (Classic) side profile(17)
Jawa (Classic) rear tyre(11)
Jawa (Classic) rear three quarters(3)
Jawa (Classic) rear tail section(10)
Jawa (Classic) rear suspension(19)
Jawa (Classic) Rear section(1)
Jawa (Classic) Rear section and exhuast tip(8)
Jawa (Classic) rear fender(33)
Jawa (Classic) rear drum brake(37)
Jawa (Classic) radiator(28)
Jawa (Classic) Key slot(6)
Jawa (Classic) instrument cluster(26)
Jawa (Classic) Ignition key(4)
Jawa (Classic) horn (31)
Jawa (Classic) headlight nacelle(29)
Jawa (Classic) head on(18)
Jawa (Classic) head on(12)
Jawa (Classic) fuel tank chrome(9)
Jawa (Classic) front section(36)
Jawa (Classic) front fender(20)
Jawa (Classic) front disc brake(30)
Jawa (Classic) footpegs(25)
Jawa (Classic) exhaust system(41)
Jawa (Classic) exhaust (21)
Jawa (Classic) disc brake assembly(32)
Jawa (Classic) battery cover(34)
Jawa (Classic) (44)
Jawa (Classic) (43)
Jawa (Classic) (42)
Jawa (Classic) (39)
Jawa (Classic) (38)
Jawa (Classic) (27)
Jawa (Classic) (24)
Jawa (Classic) (23)
Jawa (Classic) (22)
Jawa (Classic) (16)
Jawa (Classic) (15)
Jawa 42 tell-tale lights(41)
Jawa 42 tank cover and stipes(37)
Jawa 42 tail light(45)
Jawa 42 sump guard(36)
Jawa 42 side view(4)
Jawa 42 side right(11)
Jawa 42 side profile(28)
Jawa 42 side pose(14)
Jawa 42 seat(49)
Jawa 42 rvms(6)
Jawa 42 right three quarters(15)
Jawa 42 riders pov(47)
Jawa 42 rear tyre(40)
Jawa 42 rear section(9)
Jawa 42 rear right(39)
Jawa 42 rear illumination(53)
Jawa 42 rear brake pedal(34)
Jawa 42 licence plate(16)
Jawa 42 left front view (23)
Jawa 42 key slot(22)
Jawa 42 instrument cluster(19)
Jawa 42 head on(21)
Jawa 42 fuel tank(17)
Jawa 42 front three quarters(2)
Jawa 42 front right(25)
Jawa 42 front forks(10)
Jawa 42 fender striping (43)
Jawa 42 engine(5)
Jawa 42 engine head(27)
Jawa 42 engine casing(8)
Jawa 42 CDI cover(12)
Jawa 42 aerial view(30)
Jawa 42 (52)
Jawa 42 (48)
Jawa 42 (46)



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