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| Karan Tripathi
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Until now, we’ve been invited to a theme park, to a factory, and to various other places, every time a new scooter was launched. But never before had anyone invited us to a track to test and review a brand new scoot which they say imbibes learnings from the bike maker’s racing programme. Takes guts we must say, to put your money where the mouth is. So there we were, on the outskirts of Bangalore, inside a spotless manufacturing facility, to figure out what the sporty new TVS NTORQ 125 was all about.

Let’s jump into the review…

TVS NTorq 125 Video Review

During the pre-ride briefing, TVS did clarify that rather than being a machine which will drop your jaws with its performance, the NTORQ was more of a scooter which will add some zing to your every day, gearless commutes. With that expectation set, a gentle push on the starter button brought the NTORQ to life and we were away.

TVS NTorq 125 Performance & Efficiency

Our time with the new scooter was on a track which consisted of two long parallel straights, connected by a long flowing loop at the top. There was another section which consisted of three different slopes with varying gradients, a narrow, maze-like pathway which tested manoeuvrability, and an off-road section which gave us a fair understanding of the NTORQ’s suspension setup.

TVS NTORQ 125 Review - action shot

The TVS NTORQ gets off the mark in a fairly quick manner. The NTORQ is definitely as good or probably even better (Which only a comparo will reveal) than its 125cc rivals off the mark. On the all-digital display, we managed a respectable 0 – 60 kph time of 7.2 seconds. Oh, and about the ‘Street’ and ‘Sports’ mode on the display, they don’t alter any power delivery characteristics. Toggling between them will only change the information you see on the digital screen.

TVS NTORQ 125 - Side Shot

Where the TVS NTORQ really shines is in the mid-range though. A little twist on the throttle is all you need and performance feels really strong between speeds of 20 – 75 kph. Even after that, it gets up to 85 kph rather quickly. Post that, you have to bend your back a little and the digital speedometer registers an indicated speed of 96 kph. Which is what we managed, but some lighter riders who were gunning it right from launch till the end of the long straight did breach the ton mark.

In terms of numbers, the 3-valve motor (two inlets and one exhaust for efficient combustion) cranks out 9.5 PS at 7,500 rpm and 10.5 Nm at 5,500rpm. The motor delivers all those numbers on paper in a vibration-free manner in the real world and it does that throughout the rev-range. During the ride, we tried accelerating from various speeds, both gradually and like an idiot, but there wasn’t any buzz or judder we felt at the bars, on the footboard or in the saddle.

TVS NTORQ 125 - Rear Shot

The CVT system is well tuned to suit to motor’s delivery characteristics and such is its refinement, from standstill till top whack, it feels like there’s just one ratio which does everything. The exhaust note is uniquely bassy and the induction sound isn’t boring either. So that’s verified then. Zing promised, zing delivered.

TVS NTORQ 125 - Fuel Tank

Now, TVS hasn’t really revealed an official number for the NTORQ’s fuel efficiency. But the fuel tank can carry 5 litres of fuel and they did tell us unofficially that it does 40 – 45 kpl under standard test conditions.

TVS Ntorq 125 Ride & Handling

For something which is being projected as fun-to-ride and sporty, its rear must not pitch like a fishing boat when you’re going fast. Or in the case of scooters, slightly fast. We know for a fact that it happens with some of the most popular scooters out there, especially when you’re two up. Not the case with the TVS NTORQ. It has been bolted with pretty spaced out forks up front and a gas-charged rear spring, which keep things steady at all times. The equipment is tuned to be slightly firm, but that works in this TVS’ favour and suits its personality.

TVS NTORQ 125 - Rear Riding Shot

For those who are concerned about the NTORQ’s 116.1 kg kerb weight, it is only slightly more than its rivals and things never felt heavy. Our batch consisted of women riders too and they looked pretty happy while scooting around on this thing. Based on a rigid, under bone, rectangular type frame, this new TVS feels solid. Most importantly, its rear, where the propelling bits reside, doesn’t act like it has some different mass of its own. We imagined traffic on the empty straights, weaved in and out through it and the NTORQ felt brisk and composed while changing directions.

TVS NTORQ 125 - Back Wheel

For the hollow space that must exist next to the apron on a scooter, the basic design can never match a motorcycle for front-end feel. But in the NTORQ’s case, we’re happy to report that the bars stayed levelled on straights, confident through high-speed long and low-speed tight curves, and never did the front feel flighty. The TVS Remora 100/80 and 110/80 12-inch tyres require special mention here as they’re grippy enough for the performance on offer and their curved profile makes it easy to dip the NTORQ confidently into corners.

TVS NTORQ 125 Review - On Road

Through a rough section, the suspension setup didn’t feel cushy. However, it wasn’t making the yellow thing jump all over the place either. What surprised us with its performance was the 220mm front disc brake which comes as standard. It transmitted positive feedback to the lever and the sharpness of the equipment felt just right. The rear drum brake too did its job pretty well, locking up the rear wheel only when we were adamant about doing that.

TVS Ntorq 125 Comfort & Equipment

TVS NTORQ 125 - Back seat -Review

The NTORQ’s seat doesn’t slide down at an aggressive angle towards the apron. In fact, if you observe closely, it sort of levels out towards the part where the rider would be. That’s a great thing as everytime you brake or even during the course of riding normally, you aren’t sliding forwards, with the need to slide back and adjust your position constantly. It is natural for that to happen on a scooter, more so when you’re two up, and the sliding can lead to a lot of friction between the fabric you’re wearing and the skin of your sensitive areas. Further, TVS has used a special material for the seat to keep you in place and we can put our necks out to say that it works.

Taller folks can ride the NTORQ while being seated in the rider’s position rather than having to slide all the way back. For the angular design in the apron creates a natural cavity for your knees to move freely without fouling with anything. The footboard too is large enough for size 10 feet to rest there comfortably, although, the NTORQ is quite a lot of fun to ride with your feet planted on the metallic pegs meant for the co-rider. We spent very little time at the back and that space is wide enough and quite comfortable too, with split grab rails in place to hold on to something.

TVS NTORQ 125 - Hook

If you have to carry bags, there’s a retractable hook just beneath the handlebar and another under the area where the seat ends. The boot under the seat cannot, unfortunately, swallow a full-size helmet, but there’s 22-litres of class-leading space for everything else.

TVS NTORQ 125 - Underseat Storage

A tiny boot light and a USB charger inside add up as utility features. An external fuel filling cap can be released by twisting the key to the left, once you slot it in the under seat key hole. Twist it to the right and it unlocks the seat.

TVS NTORQ 125 Speedometer Review

Unlike some, TVS hasn’t skimped on an engine kill switch and the NTORQ even gets a pass button. The switchgear operates in a crisp manner and looks and feels like it is built to last. Mirrors are wide enough for you to see everything that’s behind and for the first time on a scooter, there’s an all-digital display which pairs with your phone.

It will show you an array of information related to the scooter and pairs via Bluetooth with your phone to relay notifications about your connected life when you’re riding. There’s a dedicated Android app which lets you record ride statistics, helps you to navigate and also finds the location of your scooter. You may watch the video above to know about all the things that the NTORQ’s instrument console can do.

TVS Ntorq 125 Design and Style

TVS NTORQ 125 Front View

Some might say that the TVS NTORQ’s design does resemble a certain Yamaha and a Honda, but on its own, it looks modern, very today and quite sharp. We also like the fact that is doesn’t look so radical that elder members of your family will think twice before taking it out, for the fear of being seen astride something which isn’t in sync with their age. That’s what living in a society and caring for what others would think does to you. Anyways, coming back to the NTORQ, there’s an LED pilot lamp, LED stop and tail light, while all other illumination is through conventional bulbs.

TVS NTORQ 125 Back Side View

We were particularly impressed by the way things have been put together and the NTORQ can comfortably boast of being the most well-built scooter out there. Quality of paint, finish and the materials used is top notch and if only, like the Apache RR, there was a Matte Black option to pick from. As of now, there are four colour options available – Matte Yellow, Matte Red, Matte Green and Matte White.

In Conclusion

TVS NTORQ 125 Logo on Back SIde

For about INR 58,000 (Ex-showroom), the TVS NTORQ 125 is a great new product which balances youthful looks with peppy performance and everyday practicality. It packs many segment-first features, is solidly built and is fun to ride. Those TVS Racing stickers do provide the package with that much needed ‘zeal’ which was lacking in this particular price bracket. But hey, those aren’t just stickers and it shows in the way this thing rides. The interesting part is, none of that comes at the expense of everyday usability and that’s a tough thing to achieve. TVS has pulled it off!

High-beam switch doubles up as pass button

High-beam switch doubles up as pass button

LED pilot lamp sits at the bottom. The main candle is a halogen bulb

LED pilot lamp sits at the bottom. The main candle is a halogen bulb

TVS NTORQ 125: Really Naaice

Really Naaice

TVS NTORQ 125: Standard front disc brake works very well. Varrrrry Naaicceee

Standard front disc brake works very well. Varrrrry Naaicceee

TVS NTORQ 125: Engine Keel Switch. Amazing!

Engine Keel Switch. Amazing!

TVS NTORQ 125: Rubberized footboard mat. Wow!

Rubberized footboard mat. Wow!

TVS NTORQ 125 Review: USB charger with light

USB chargeraa with lightaa..

TVS NTORQ 125: Red treatmenta for engine fan

Red treatmenta for engine fan

New TVS NTORQ: The front fender is a three-piece assembly

The front fender is a three-piece assembly

TVS NTorq 125 Technical Specifications

Type4 stroke, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled, OHC
Displacement124.79 cc (3V)
Maximum Power9.4PS @ 7500 rpm
Maximum Torque10.5Nm @5500rpm
FrameHigh Rigidity Under Bone Rectangular Tube Type
Dimensions (lxbxh)1865 x 710 x 1160 mm
Wheelbase1285 mm
Ground Clearance155 mm
Kerb Weight116.1 Kg
Fuel Tank5.0 Ltr
FrontTelescopic Suspension
RearGas filled Hydraulic Type Coil Spring Shock Absorber
Front100x80x12 (Tubeless)
Rear110x80x12 (Tubeless)
Front220mm Disc
Rear130mm Drum
Ex-Showroom DelhiINR 58,750

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