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Bajaj Discover 100M Review Pics Specs (106)

The new Bajaj Discover 100M is the latest addition to BAL’s large and decidedly lethal model arsenal. Launched with a powerful tagline that reads- ‘Mileage ka naya satya!’, the latest Disco is looking all set to re-write the rules of the commuter-end bike market.

We rode the new bike soon after its launch and found ourselves longing to spend more time with the new kid on the block! Nothing surprising, for there is now a 100cc bike that has almost as much power as the players in a segment above, comes with a host of features, is aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, has a price tag that must have set the competition worried, really worried!

The short spin on the new Bajaj Discover 100M had surely left us impressed. However, the fact that we are a really skeptical lot and know better than jumping to conclusions made it all the more important for us to subject the latest Disco variant to our strict testing regime.

So is the 100M a real good performer? Does it deliver as much as it promises to? Does it have what it would take to de-throne some of the really established rivals? With many such questions in our minds, we decided to reserve a day for a rendezvous with the new machine. The quality time we spent with the latest Disco revealed a lot more about the new bike and we finally have answers to all your questions (and to ours too).

Read on . . .

 Bajaj Discover 100M Review Pics Specs (131)

What!? One more Discover variant? 

Bajaj might have quite a long line up of Discover branded bikes in its product portfolio but the fact that each of these models have been positioned in such a way that they cater to a different sub-section of the commuter segment (and even with a minor overlap, don’t eat into the sales of each other) reflects the good job that the boffins at Bajaj have done with the positioning of the gazillion Discover variants. Each new entry level Discover model is custom designed to slice off another small chunk from the huge market share of Hero. The small contributions that each new Discover model makes to the Bajaj volumes, finally adds up to a substantial number. It’s pure, unadulterated strategy, no coincidence, and its working fabulously for Bajaj (no matter how much fun we make of the ever expanding Discover lineup)

As a part of this multi-pronged attack on the commuter segment, the new Discover 100M sits between the Discover 100 4G and the Discover 100T and is basically a Hero Splendor Pro/ Passion Pro adversary.

Bajaj Discover 100M Review Pics Specs (107)

I think I’ve seen this bike before. Is it not a 125ST clone?

Not really. Visually, there is enough to differentiate between the 100M, 100T and the 125ST. However, the bike definitely shares majority of its body panels with the aforementioned pricier models which most definitely is a good thing.

Thanks to the 125ST connection, the bike comes with a muscular fuel tank, a cool set of alloy wheels, some snazzy body decals and a bikini fairing that is highly reminiscent of that of the much pricier Pulsar 150/180.

However, park the 100M next to a 125ST and the differences are clearly evident. The 100M misses out on a monoshock, a rear tyre hugger and the fuel switch on the side panel. Unlike the 125ST, which comes with an exposed chain, the 100M gets a full chain cover and also boasts of a different end can.

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Sounds good but what about the ergonomics?

The 100M’s rider benefits from a supportive and well cushioned seat that is a tad on the softer side and goes a long way in making the intra city commutes that wee bit comfier. The rider sits very upright and can easily reach out to the handlebar.

A point worth mentioning here is that the new 100M gets rubberized grips for the handlebar but misses out on bar-end weights. The presence of the latter was slightly missed only on a couple of occasions but more on that later. The 100M’s hinged-type fuel filler cap ensures that the rider need not worry about securing the filler cap during refills.

Is the pillion as comfortable?

The 100M has been endowed with a 1255mm long wheelbase and a respectably long seat. The pillion too benefits form a comfortable seating posture and only the very tall might complain about feeling restricted.

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What about the engine? You couldn’t stop talking about its grunt in your previous review . . .

We still can’t!

As we told you earlier, the new Bajaj Discover 100M is powered by a 102cc, single pot air cooled mill that has a max power of 9.3PS. While this motor is a slightly de-tuned variant of the pricier 100T’s engine, it manages to output more power than all its immediate rivals.

Looks good on paper but is it as good a performer in the real world?

Why, yes! The 4 valve motor surprised us with the grunt it has on offer. The bike rolls off from a standstill with quite some gusto and the engine has excellent low and mid torque on offer. With Rohan and me on board, that’s a total weight of almost 150kgs (I swear I weigh less than my colleague!), the bike managed to trundle along even at speeds less than 35 kmph, in fourth cog!

What about the ‘top-end’?

We did manage to hit a speedo indicated 90kmph on an open stretch of straight road and this means that we really have absolutely no intentions of challenging BAL’s claim of a 95kmph top whack

Terrific. But  with performance like that, I bet you won’t have a satisfactory answer to ‘kitna deti hai’? 

We think we do. The new Bajaj Discover 100M has an ARAI tested fuel economy of 84kmpl. While we are not optimistic enough to believe that the bike will return that figure in the real world, we feel that the FE of anything between 67-72kmpl is very achievable.

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Bajaj gearboxes aren’t known to be very smooth. I wonder if the 100M’s unit is any different

Well, it is! This is probably one of the best engine-gearbox combos we have tested on a Bajaj commuter. The engine and the gearbox score high in compatibility and come together really well to endow the 100M with a sense of enthusiasm which is generally conspicuous by its absence on most entry level motorcycles.

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The engine does seem to be a fairly decent unit. What about the ride quality?

The new Discover 100M has conventional telescopic forks up front and twin gas charged shock absorbers at the rear.

At slow speed, the bike boasts of a good ride quality, with the suspension soaking in most of the ruts the bike might have to deal with. The well cushioned seat further helps in keeping your spine from any kind of discomfort.

However, the state of affairs takes a little turn as the speeds rise. While the rider, even when the bike deals with potholes at speeds of 50-60kmph, would nary complain of discomfort, the pillion might have a different story to tell. The  pillion comfort does take a hit as the speed rises.

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And what when I am in mood for fun? 

The 100M will impress you with its handling prowess, that is, as long as you remember that its an entry level commuter bike that has no intentions of being anything more than a commuter machine. You should be looking elsewhere if handling and performance top your priority list

The Disco 100M’s light weight and good ride-handling balance ensures that the bike is flick-able enough and we found out that it is pretty apt with playing the lane splitter on the ultra-crowded streets of Pune.

The Eurogrip tyres do turn into a limiting factor at times though. Though at par with with some other similar spec rubber from rivaling manufacturers, they manage to squeal even under moderate braking.

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I am pretty impressed. However, I wonder if it has more features than my neighbor’s 125cc machine. . 

Bajaj has always been known for bestowing its bikes with enough features to dazzle a potential customer. The new Discover 100M is no different in this regard and comes across as a really lucrative proposition. Here is a list of all the features that make the latest Discover really appealing-

  • Electric Start as Standard
  • Gas filled Nitrox Suspension
  • Low Maintenance Battery
  • Petal Disc Brake
  • Aluminum side sets
  • 4 Valve Engine

Too good to be true! How much did you say it retails for? 

Prices for the new Discover 100M start at INR 45,996 (ex-Delhi) and we believe that at such a price point, the new bike redefines the term value for money.

True! The new Bajaj Discover 100M definitely looks like it is here to create a place for itself in the entry level bike market. The bike has so much on offer that it is really easy to forget about the couple of slight gremlins and I am sure that every entry level bike buyer out there would be more than interested in giving the new 100M a good look.

What do you feel? 

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