You Can Now Convert Your Hero Splendor To An EV

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There is no running away from the fact that electric vehicles are the future and it is safe to say that ICE-powered cars won’t be seen around much after a few years. Some of the countries have already started with the transition such as the United Kingdom and many more. Similarly, the Indian Government has also taken necessary steps about the same. Steps such as installing charging stations across highways, providing subsidies for the EV owners, and other benefits as well. Some companies have also started making bolt-on conversion kits. This kit can convert an IC engine into an Electric motor. There is one for the Maruti Suzuki Dzire already. Similarly, there is a conversion for Hero Bikes.

Conversion Kit Approved by RTO

This is the first time an EV conversion kit for two-wheelers has been approved by the RTO, concept was done by GoGoA1, a Thane-based EV startup. The cost of this conversion kit is ₹35,000, plus an additional GST of ₹6,300. A three-year warranty is included with the full equipment. This does not include the battery pack. If you want the 151 km range battery, the total cost of the system and battery will be ₹95,000. The cost of the donor motorcycle is not included. The EV conversion kit consists of a DC to SC converter, a new throttle, wiring harness, key switch with controller box and a new swingarm, electric motor, a drum brake system, and a digital meter. If you want to order this kit, you can do so by booking it online from the company’s website. The kit will be delivered at their station and it will be installed there itself. GoGoA1 now has local installation setups in 36 RTOs around the country, with plans to expand quickly. Its insurance will be valid now that it has been accepted by RTO, and its valuation will be updated accordingly. Also, because it is an EV, the bike’s registration number will not change, but it will be given a new green number plate.

Hero Splendor Electric Kit

Power Figures

This electric vehicle conversion kit includes a 2.8kWh battery pack that powers a 2kW brushless electric motor placed on the rear wheel hub. The hub motor is linked to a drum brake, which is made out of Bajaj Pulsar brakes and shoes. The motor produces 2.4 horsepower and 63 Nm of torque. The peak power and torque might be increased to 6.2 bhp (4.6 kW) and 63 Nm, respectively. The modified Hero Splendor Electric with this powertrain is said to have a top speed of 80 kmph and a range of 151 km on a single charge. With the help of a 65A regenerative controller, this powertrain is equipped with battery regeneration technology that can recover 5-20% of the battery. The electric motor’s maximum efficiency has been calculated to be 92%.

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