Renault Unviels Megane E-Tech – 100% Electric Car

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French automaker Renault has a larger presence in the European market than here in India. They have a few electric cars in their portfolio namely, the Twingo, Zoe and the Kangaroo Z.E. which are also a part of Renault’s E-TECH platform. The E-TECH platform also supports Renault’s Clio, Captur and Arkana Hybrid models. Renault is adding another car to the all-electric segment based on their CMF-EV platform – Mégane E-TECH which is a compact hatchback. The car was showcased at the 2021 IAA.

Official Statement

“The All-new Mégane E-TECH Electric embodies the electric revolution that Renault started a decade ago. By democratizing the electric technology, New Mégane succeeds in making the electric vehicle affordable, with no compromise on efficiency and driving pleasure. What this vehicle conveys is emotion, we have created it as the GTI of electric vehicles.” said Luca de Meo, CEO, Renault Group.

Renault Megane ETECH 3


At the heart, the Mégane has what Renault likes to call an electrically excited synchronous motor (EESM) which has been used in almost all Renault and Nissan electric cars. The motor will be available in two configurations as below:

  1. 96 kW (130 hp) and 250 Nm paired with a 40 kWh (8 modules of 24 cells each) battery with a claimed range of 300 km
  2. 160 kW (218 hp) and 300 Nm paired with a 60 kWh (12 modules of 24 cells each) battery with a claimed range of 470 km

The car is able to achieve 0-100 kmph in just 7.4 sec and has a claimed top speed of 160 kmph. The batteries are thin which help free up interior space in the car.


The Mégane E-TECH follows Renault’s “sensual touch” high-tech and hi-fi design language and gets design elements such as the vent grilles and laser engraving on lower door protection. It is the first Renault car to feature the brand’s new “Nouve ‘R'” logo. The car gets large 20-inch wheels, protective strips on the lower side and wheel arches along with a  high beltline. The dropping line of the roof, wide tracks, and flush door handles (offered as standard) make it feel more like a coupé. The contained height, the narrow-rimmed tyres, sculpted shoulders with air vents at the front and character lines being part of the bumper sides, all give a streamlined feel to the vehicle, but also help improve its overall fuel efficiency. The car gets full LED lighting featuring a brand-new lighting signature with ‘electrifying’ patterns that cross over to the central logo. In the front, day lamps appear to extend beyond the projectors and continue their path up to the side air vents on the shield. In the rear, numerous laser-cut micro-optic fibres laid in crisscrossing lines create an intriguing 3D-like shimmer effect: overlapping lines appear to vibrate as if they were alive. In addition to the very elegant indicators, the brake lights are displayed in two clear lines, much like a ‘pause’ sign. The car will be offered in six single-tone colours namely, Rafale Grey, Schist Grey, Midnight Blue, Flame Red, Diamond Black, and Glacier White. There are 30 other possible combinations if you want to opt for the dual-tone option.

Renault Megane ETECH 2

OpenR Screen

This is Renault’s crowning jewel and the Mégane E-TECH is the first production car to get a 24-inch screen. OpenR consists of a 12-inch infotainment screen and a 12.3-inch dashboard screen which provides all sorts of information to the driver and also serves the in-car entertainment and navigation features. The OpenR Link system is powered by Android Automotive OS which is based on Android OS developed by Google, the software is open-source, scalable, and always up to date. It receives and displays notifications and allows you to easily navigate between its different spaces (Home/Navigation, Music, Phone, Applications, Vehicle) all thanks to the menu bar at the top of the screen. In short, it is an Android tablet that is assembled in the car.

Renault Megane ETECH 4


The Mégane E-TECH has a long list of features, we are listing down a few significant ones here;

  • Arkamys sound system standard on the entry- and mid-level trims
  • Harman Kardon sound system on the higher trims
  • 4 speakers, 4 tweeter and 1 sub-woofer setup
  • Alcantara upholstery for mid-range cars
  • Decorative ‘Nuo’ wood finish on the premium trim
  • Warm Titanium stitching throughout the passenger cockpit
  • Genuine leather seats
  • LIVING LIGHTS  – Mood lighting based on the human body’s natural 24-hour circadian cycle
  • Cocoon Effect Technology for sound isolation
  • Three pre-programmed modes (Eco, Comfort, and Sport)
  • Regenerative braking on demand

On paper, the Mégane E-TECH sure feels like a very promising car and if introduced in India it can rival the likes of the MG ZS-EV and the Hyundai Kona EV. Renault hasn’t commented anything on the possibility of the car coming to India yet so we will have to wait and watch since Renault has not brought in any of their existing electric vehicles they already are making.

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