Yamaha’s Blue Core Technology in Details

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Yamaha’s Blue Core technology is a new jargon in the burgeoning motorcycle world. We cover the details of Yamaha’s Blue Core technology in this post.

Yamaha's Blue Core Technology Details

Find some decals on an automobile that reads “Blue”, “Green” or “Eco”, you can be sure that the manufacturer is trying to convince you that the vehicle won’t burn a hole in your pocket due to lesser spending on fuel!

Yamaha’s Blue Core technology is a similar attempt to showcase the eco-friendliness and frugality of the FZ Series Version 2.0. Though the earlier FZ and the FZ-S were stylish-looking bikes, they never made it to the top of the sales charts. One reason for that drab show was the lower fuel-efficiency figures of both the bikes. As Yamaha launches the Version 2.0 of both the FZ and FZ-S, it leaves no stone unturned in shrugging off the Gas-Guzzler image portrayed by the earlier avatars.

Yamaha’s Blue Core technology has four major cornerstones :

  1. Improvement of Combustion Efficiency – Achieved with the help of a new design for the intake port, better alignment of valves and optimisation of combustion chamber for better fuel-air mixture ignition.
  2. Reduction of power loss – Decrease in the engine’s bore to 57.3 mm means a lighter piston, a lighter connecting rod and thus a lighter crankshaft. Hence, the engine has reduced power losses due to friction and responds instantly to a throttle twist.
  3. More precision in fuel supply – Addition of a closed-loop fuel injection system has allowed better precision in fuel delivery, and has reduced wastage during idling or during low-speed situations.
  4. Decrease in overall weight – The Version 2.0 of the FZ series are the lightest in their segment, with a total reduction of 3.5 kgs.

Yamaha's Blue Core Technology Details

For all those who have been cursing Yamaha for a reduction in the specifications of the Version 2.0 of the FZ-Series, let us say that there’s more to it than meets the eye! Even though the specs have been reduced, the new bikes have been able to maintain performance levels due to the lesser weight and the incorporation of Yamaha’s Blue Core technology. Infact, the final drive ratio has been altered for better acceleration.

Yamaha claims that the Version 2.0 of the FZ series will return fuel efficiency figures to the tune of 50 kmpl. If you are looking to buy a new bike in the 150 cc segment, will you give Yamaha’s Blue Core technology a try??

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  • Mubin says:

    Best ever bike, fits all age groups,
    A perfect bike for rough and toughens,
    A low maintenance cost wid superb efficiency, get one, you ll surely love it..

  • Praveen says:

    How your drive this bike

  • Subhash gelani says:

    Its a die hard bike!!
    I own it apx one month ago and getting milage of 45+ before 1st servicing..
    All those who is thinking it is d best bike or not, dont waste time and go GRAB it..