Beetle Dune could be launched in 2016

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The world’s largest selling car ever, will now be launched in a Dune version. According to Car magazine, the VW board approved putting the Beetle Dune into production at a meeting in May 2014. The car will be raised by 50mm, while sitting on a wider, 29mm stretched track.


While the concept car in the pictures here uses a 210 bhp 2.0 litre turbocharged motor, it isn’t sure if the production version will come a similar unit. Volkswagen plans to launch the Dune, both as a hatchback and a convertible. Mathias Zauner, the man in-charge of Bettle marketing told Car magazine that, sportiness, proximity to SUV’s, authenticity, lifestyle, history, leisure-orientation and emotions are all the reasons they are building this Dune version of the Beetle.

Volkswagen-Dune-concept-pics (1)

There isn’t much difference between the normal everyday Beetle and this new Dune version, except visually, however, the different design, a better stance and the crossover appeal makes this version worth a second look. Volkswagen will be calling it the dune, as it isn’t a go-anywhere vehicle, but a front-wheel driven beetle which has undergone a cosmetic change, which will appeal to image-conscious markets like China and Canada. If launched in India, we’re sure a lot of women will love it, and men too.

Volkswagen-Dune-concept-pics (4)
Volkswagen-Dune-concept-pics (3)
Volkswagen-Dune-concept-pics (2)
Volkswagen-Dune-concept-pics (1)

Source: Carmagazine

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