Yamaha India Reveals Prices Of R15 V4’s Official Accessories

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Yamaha India recently sent out huge waves of worry to its rivals by launching the heavily updated R15 V4 and R15M. Yamaha has always upped the game with every generational change of the 155cc track weapon and this time was no different. It might cost a bit more than its previous iteration now but looking at the goodies it now comes packed with, at least on paper it feels like every extra buck spent on it is going to be worth it.

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If you are planning to induct the new R15 in your garage, Yamaha has rolled out the price list of its official accessories:

Adjustable clutch/brake lever

If God has blessed you with small, petite hands, you might find reaching the levers a bit hard while riding a motorcycle but Yamaha has got your back with its adjustable brake and clutch lever that can be yours for INR 950.

2021 Yamaha R15 V4 Accessories (1)

Lever guard

Falls aren’t a rare sight during track outings and because the handlebar is generally the first contact patch to the ground in case of a fall, the impact is also taken by the levers. If you still want your bike to be a bit rideable even after a crash, grabbing this lever guard for INR 900 seems like a rational decision.

2021 Yamaha R15 V4 Accessories (2)

Frame sliders

The new Yamaha R15 looks gorgeous with a neatly sculpted fairing and it would hurt like anything if you drop it on the ground. To save you from heartbreak and additional financial trouble, Yamaha is offering these crash bobbins for INR 1650.

2021 Yamaha R15 V4 Accessories

Seat cover

Time can wear out almost anything so your beloved R15’s stock seat doesn’t stand a chance against it. Yamaha has rolled out an OEM seat cover for the R15 V4 to ensure its longevity and for enhanced comfort as well. The seat cover featured here can be had for INR 490.

2021 Yamaha R15 V4 Accessories (4)

Tank pad

Your belt buckle or jacket’s zipper can harm that gorgeously sculpted tank of the R15 V4. To enhance its aesthetic appeal and added protection, this tank pad could be worth INR 190 that it commands.

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USB charger

Having a USB charger can always come in handy if you’re out on a long ride because smartphones can drain into their battery rapidly if you are using it for directions and music on the move. This USB charger can be had for INR 750.

2021 Yamaha R15 V4 Accessories (3)

Skid plate

Indian roads are infamous for their nasty potholes and speedbreakers. If you want to protect your R15’s underpinnings, this skid plate which costs INR 550 bucks could prove to be a steal at this price.

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