Xiaomi’s Latest Launch Isn’t A New Phone, But An E-Bike

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The Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi has recently revealed the Himo C20 Electric bicycle. The C20 is a pedal assisted e-bike that has been priced at 375 dollars (Rs 26,000). The e-bike could be launched in India, as Xiaomi is looking to expand its network in the Indian sub-continent. The Himo C20 e-bike provides a range of around 80 kms and is specially designed for daily city use.

Himo C20 xiaomi

The Himo C20 is powered by a 36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery that can hold up to 360Wh of electric charge. This battery has a pretty decent capacity and provides around 80 kms of range, with the pedal assist. The battery weighs just 2.5 Kgs, which means it can be removed from the bicycle and be charged at home. The company claims a charging time of 6 hours, which is a lot for a battery of this size. The Himo C20 gets a hub-mounted 250W DC brushless electric motor which is mounted to the rear wheel of the bicycle. The electric motor helps the e-bike to propel to a top speed of around 40 – 45 kmph. Mechanical disc brakes are mounted to both wheels, which should be enough to stop the C20. The Himo also gets 20-inch rims, which are mostly found on BMX/stunt bikes. The rims are fitted with high profile tyres, which should help the rider pedal through the rough with ease. The Himo C20 electric bike gets an aluminium frame which makes the bike weigh just 21 Kgs.

Himo C20 xiaomi riders

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In terms of overall styling, the Himo C20 looks classy with its white and black combination. The bike is equipped with an LED headlamp and a taillight, along with a small LED display that acts as the instrument console and displays basic ride statistics and data like speed, battery percentage, distance and pedal assist levels. The bike also has a small hidden and unique feature, which is the air pump positioning. Yes, the bike is equipped with its own air pump, which is surprising, yet practical. So if you ever feel the need of pumping some air in the tyres, all you need to do is pull out the seat with its mount and remove the cap at the bottom and connect the air hose to the tyre and start pumping air anytime, anywhere. Stay tuned, for more updates related to this e-bike.

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