Watching Liberty Walk’s Fighter Jet-Inspired Supercars Will Light Up Your Monday

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There’s a lot common between Fighter jets and Supercars. Built for speed, just a sight of their cutting-edge form is enough to make a human heart bleed. One of the biggest names in Automotive tuning, Japan’s Liberty Walk has managed to combine the appeal of supersonic jets and tarmac-tearing cars. Take a closer look and you’d notice that the irony of taking inspiration from these fighter machines lies in the message of peace which has been etched on every car. So very Japanese to do that!

This particular video shows off Liberty Walk’s six tuned beauties, all draped in fighter jet-inspired shades and fitted with bolt-on kits. The gang includes two Lamborghini Murcielagos, an Aventador, a Ferrari 458, a Nissan GT-R, a BMW M4 and a Mustang. All of them are sprayed with jet grey, where the paint has been treated to appear like a lot of high-altitude greases left trails on these while breaking the sound barrier. Except for the M4 and the Mustang, all beauties have been fitted with a massive rear spoiler. The Olive green Murcielago stands out though for liking vintage fighters more than the modern crop of computer-controlled high-flyers.

Liberty Walk Fighter Jet Inspired Supercars

Established by 26-year old Wataru Kato, the brand has grown many folds since it first started operating in a small vehicle lot with space to exhibit only 3 cars. Now, LB Performance is an aftermarket body kit maker which offers parts designed to focus on styling, and in addition to aero kits, they also offer other parts such as exhaust and air suspension upgrades.

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While folks like Mr Kato are free to explore their creativity, closer home, there’s been a clampdown on everything that has wheels and has been modified to personal liking. With the amended motor vehicles act now in force, it will be an added deterrent for those who are really passionate about automobiles and simply wish to give their machines a personal touch and explore their creativity. While there’s plenty to be glum about, watch the video, it could just cheer you up on a Monday.

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