Watch This Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R Set The Streets of SF on Fire

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Nissan GT-R has crowned itself as one of the favorite cars of customization giants. With its potent combination of gearbox and chassis, we have come across many engine swaps in the past. It is also a blank canvas for the builders who swear by wide body kits. One such customization giant hailing from the land of the rising sun Japan is Liberty Walk. Arrested in our homes courtesy the Coronavirus pandemic, we came across a video of a GT-R tuned by Liberty Walk setting the streets of San Francisco on fire.

This particular GT-R or ‘Godzilla’ as it’s fondly called, uses a wide bodywork which makes it look even meaner than before. Also seen is a shiny grey paint job which looks fantastic during the night as the bright lights of the lively city gets reflected from the surface. If we are talking about body kits and Nissan GT-R, how can we leave behind the mighty spoiler that is witnessed on this GT-R put together by Liberty Walk. The aerodynamic winglets on the front bumper also stand out and them giant wheel arches look even bigger than a 9-year-old’s ambitions!

Liberty Walk Nissan GT R

Liberty Walk is renowned for coming up with astonishing body kits. Liberty Walk translates to ‘Walk Free’ in Japanese which also reflects their philosophy that you can get your car customized the way you like. They are also known by the names LB performance and LB Works.

The Nissan GT-R as seen in the video is legit spitting fire from what looks like an aftermarket exhaust. We believe that the whole city got to know that night that the Godzilla is out on a prowl, all thanks to the pops and crackles the exhaust produced.

The body kits from Liberty Walk don’t come cheap though as one of their most famous body kits for the Nissan GT-R costs a whopping $73,750! The Nissan GT-R might be due for a thorough upgrade but it still remains one of the favourites of tuning houses. In the current guise, the GT-R produces 600 HP in the Nismo trim. It isn’t slow by any margin but the current lot of Supercars have caught up with the Godzilla with some of them even willing to dethrone the legend. We await the return of the Nissan GT-R and we hope that it would be as mighty as its legacy!

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