Volvo India Asks Its Employees to Work From Home

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Coronavirus has made the world stall with every major business organisations and industries taking definitive measures to prevent it from spreading even further. Even in India, the number of COVID-19 cases have passed the 100 mark in the past few days. As a safety measure for its employees, Volvo Car India today announced work from home. Volvo isn’t the only company which have taken such measures as many other organizations across the country have asked their employees to work from home.

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As part of its overall health and safety plan to mitigate risks associated with COVID-19, the company has taken following steps:

  • All employees have been requested to work from home with immediate effect.
  • Necessary IT infrastructure is in place to facilitate business continuity, with scheduled meetings managed via Microsoft Teams/ Skype.
  • Access to the office remains open for any employee who prefers to work from office, after informing respective manager. Enhanced sanitation measures have been taken to ensure hygiene at office premises.
  • All domestic and international travel was suspended as early as February, to limit the exposure of our employees to the virus.
  • In Bangalore, all visits to the site office, unless business critical, are suspended until further notice.
  • Employees are encouraged to maintain social distancing and refrain from attending public events and places during their social hours.
  • As a responsible organization, they are also working closely with their dealers to ensure their facilities are hygienic. Guidelines to dealers include ensuring cars that visit workshops as well as dealer demo cars are properly cleaned before next use. In addition, all demo cars to mandatorily have hand sanitizer.
  • Most importantly, they have urged their employees to remain calm, stay informed through credible sources, maintain personal hygiene and seek immediate medical assistance, if required.

The above measures are likely to be re-evaluated appropriately, as this uncertain situation develops with each day. As manufacturers are trying to curb the pandemic down by deploying certain measures, we too urge our readers to take necessary pre-caution. We cannot take it down individually but as a community, we do have a chance. Keep them sanitizers handy, stay inside and be safe.

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