Watch This Ambassador EV Pull A Fully-Loaded Truck That Weighs 14.5 Tons

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Gone are the days when we had the perception of an electric vehicle as a tiny car with just the capacity to accommodate two people, and have a maximum speed of 40kmph. As time passed, we have now understood that the next breakthrough in the power and speed of a vehicle is only possible with some electric tech in the powertrain. This phenomenon is observed because of the fact that there is no turbo lag or RPM range, where the power and torque output is affected. Electric motors are capable of putting down the maximum power and torque to the ground, the moment you hit the throttle. This is why almost every big car manufacturer is shifting towards a hybrid or fully-electric powertrain.

Ambassador EV

He-Man Auto Robopark

Interestingly, the addition of an electric motor to any ordinary car can bring a significant improvement to the car’s abilities. One such living proof lies in the garage of  He-Man Auto Robopark. A Kerala-based company, called He-Man Auto Robopark has uploaded a video on its Youtube channel, that is trending everywhere on social media. The video shows an electric Hindustan Ambassador, which was converted by He-Man Auto Robopark. The company is showing-off Ev’s capabilities by pulling a fully-loaded truck.

After going through the comment section of the video, we believe that the teams at He-Man Auto are also working on making an electric version of the Contessa. Speaking about the technical details, the video shows a fully-loaded truck, which is expected to be as heavy as 14.5 tons, with the load. The original Hindustan Motors Ambassador Grand 1800 MPFI is equipped with a 1817cc MPFI with 4 Cylinder OHC, that produces 71bhp of power @ 4800rpm and a peak torque output of 134Nm @ 2250rpm.

On the other hand, this customized electric Ambassador is capable of producing a peak torque output of 275 Nm @ 1,500 rpm. As per some reports, the car is said to be equipped with a 20 kW battery pack, and the electric motor is expected to produce a maximum power output of 53bhp. With all this power inside its hood, the Ambassador can sprint from 0 to 100 kmph in just 12 seconds and it also has a top speed of 120 kmph. We expect the 20 kW battery pack to serve a range of 100km and take 8 hours to charge completely.

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