56 Year Old Stephan Winkelmann Will Now Lead Both Bugatti And Lamborghini

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In a few days, it is expected that 56-year-old Stephen Winkelmann will enjoy one of the most action-packed positions in the entire automobile industry. Stephen Winkelmann, who was born in Germany, a country known for its cars, is now expected to play a double role in the leading positions as President and CEO of two popular performance-focused carmakers, namely- Bugatti and Lamborghini.

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Stephen Winkelmann is presently the President of the Molsheim-based hypercar maker, Bugatti. As if that wasn’t exciting, he is now also going to take up the new role of President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, starting from December 1, 2020. Both Lamborghini and Bugatti, are the manufacturers of some of the most precious and record-breaking machines.

Lamborghini Bugatti ceo Stephan Winkelmann

“It is both a great honour and pleasure, but also a great challenge for me to manage these two companies, which are very special to me with their exceptional cars,” Stephen Winkelmann said in a press release.

Considering his special position in the automobile industry, one might be wondering about his qualities as a leader. Since the past three years of his term at Bugatti, Stephen Winkelmann has been the mastermind of several important projects like Bugatti’s Divo, the La Voiture Noire, the limited-edition Centodieci, and of course, the recently revealed 1,825bhp Bugatti Bolide concept.

Bugatti Divo 2

Speaking about his role in Lamborghini, Stephen Winkelmann became the CEO of Lamborghini in 2005, when the world was about to enter financial crisis and Lamborghini moved in with the Volkswagen Group. Winklemann played an important role in bridging the gap between Italian and German engineering. During his clean and flawless 11-year tenure at Lamborghini, the carmaker flourished and enjoyed exponential profits and a rise in revenue. Ultimately, it won’t be wrong to say that Stephen Winklemann has witnessed the highs and lows of the raging bull.

In March 2016, Stefano Domenicali took the position of Stephen Winklemann. Since then, the carmaker has experienced an even better and brighter growth. However, after four years, Stefano Domenicali has now decided to take the new role as CEO of Formula 1, from January 2021.

Lamborghini Urus Pearl Capsule – Orange front (1)

“Bugatti stands for the most superior, powerful, elegant, and luxurious hyper sports cars in the world. Lamborghini builds the most exclusive super sports cars with outstanding design,” he said. “Both companies still have so much creativity yet to be explored.” Due to a flawless and impressive career path, and his knowledge about the company’s past, Stephen Winkelmann will now handle both the roles at Bugatti and Lamborghini, simultaneously.

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