VW Vento to be launched on July 6th

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Earlier in the day we had broken the news about the launch of the Polo Sport and the unveiling of the Polo sedan or the Vento in India. Now as a part substantiation of our news we have a few other sites reporting the launch of the Vento on the 6th of July.

For a developing market like ours, platform technology makes more sense than having two or more entirely different products for adjacent price brackets.

Most of the brands have learnt this and Volkswagen is no exception. Given the current market position of the German brand, no one can even think of questioning its strategies. And the strategy I am talking about here is the introduction of a sedan based on the current hatchback platform. The Polo ,as we all know is a very well made car and most of us have loved it. As we had reported earlier, VW was planning to  launch the sedan avatar of the same. Though the sedan avatar of Polo, better known as Vento has been making news for quite some time, recent developments like its launch in the Russian market has further strengthened the reports. And here comes a concrete report from our friends at BS Motoring.

Volkswagen Vento for India

According to them, the car will be launched on July 6th. The price is yet to be decided but it should be in the region of 7 to 9 lakhs. The car will have a wheelbase of 2500mm, an increment of 50mm over the Polo hatch. Other dimensions are more likely to remain in the same region as the hatchback. As Vento will be a little longer, better leg-room is expected. Expect the feature list of the car to be a little better than the smaller Polo too. More interior space, comfier seats, a newly designed steering wheel will be some of the new additions over the current Polo.

Engine options include a 1.6L petrol unit which will produce around 105 bhp(found the BS III Jetta ) and a 1.6L diesel engine. The latter is used in the Race Polo too, albiet in a different state of tune. It produces 105bhp(in the normal non-race tuned setting), identical to its petrol sibling. There are speculations that the VW might offer their DSG ‘box alongside the manual box too.

The car will be manufactured at the company’s Chakan production facility.

For more pics of the car, please check the gallery below.

Watch this space for more updates.

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