VW and Merc’s love for iPad

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If you read newspapers, then you might have come across a news piece saying something about Apple overtaking its rival. And you might have also witnessed people in your office, college or your home flaunting their iPhone apps about new cars, live-time updates from various motorsport events round the world. The reason why I am talking about Apple here is simple. The brand with its versatile and innovative products like iPhone, iPod Touch and the recently launched iPad has started a new revolution. We dont have to turn some odd pages in the newspaper now or even use our computers to check race results but instead we can do that with a mere TOUCH of an icon and the application will guide us through a number of ways and voila, we get what we were looking for.

And now iPad is being used as a business tool too. German manufacturers, Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz both will be using the using the device now. The former uses it as a platform for a specially developed interactive magazine which will allow the customer to stay updated with VW’s news and have a look at its products. The magazine is called DAS(Digital Automotive Space) and soon an internet-based version of the same will be available.


Seen in the pic above is Luca de Meo, Head of Marketing at the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand with VW magazine on iPad.


Mercedes has a different plan. They will be giving iPads to some 40 dealers in the States for a specific period of time. The device will be used by sales guys to check different models on sale, calculate the costs.They will use it in the brand’s lease business too. The device’s mobility and internet connectivity will be harnessed for this. After a certain period of time, dealer feedback will be taken and then it will be decided whether to use this device as a business tool or not.

Both the car makers have gone a step ahead in using the device. We hope this works fine for them. They have just started and now we will see more apps coming for the device. This will save trees too!

What next, an iPhone powered Spaceship? We’ll see.

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