Honda shuts four of its plants in China

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Honda is having a tough time in China. China, though a developing market is important for Honda. But due to some issues with the labour there, Honda had to shut four of its plants.

According to a report by AutomotiveNews, the Nipponese brand had temporarily shut two of its plants on 24th of this month when a total of 1850 workers walked off. Later two other plants were also shut.

The sole reason behind the strike was that the workers sought a raise in their wages. Whatever happened after that led to Honda closing its plants.Both Honda and the workers will be at loss if the same trend continues. Honda has faced a similar situation here in India, but things didnt get this bad.


There was another point made by Chang-Hee Lee of the Internal Labor Organization, Beijing. He said that China is experiencing a labour-shortage problem and if this continues, this could make the labour more expensive in the country.

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