Voxan Wattman Reaches 408 kmph, Bags 11 World Records

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Gone are the days when an electric vehicle, especially an e-bike, was considered a self-paddling cycle. At present, pairing a powerful e-bike with an expert rider is a sure-shot way to register several new records. One such story is of the Voxan Wattman electric motorcycle. The EV maker made an impressive performance-focused e-bike. Then, they paired this bike with six-time motorcycle racing champion Max Biaggi, which sounds like a deadly combination. And it is with Max Biaggi, Voxan Wattman has bagged several records while racing through the Châteauroux airfield in France.

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The e-bike is a combination of three different bikes in streamlined, partially streamlined, and standard form. The team at Voxan Motors developed these bikes with the aim to make the fastest electric motorcycle in the world. It is cooled by dry ice and uses a 317 kW (425bhp) electric motor and a 15.9kWh battery. While the performance figures are excellent, the battery capacity is equivalent to other electric bikes in the market, and being a performance-focused bike, the range is just enough to survive a few rounds.

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Speaking about the record, the bikes were supposed to register these records earlier, but due to the pandemic, things were postponed. The highest speed achieved during the entire run was clocked at 408 kmph (254 mph). However, not all records are broken at top speed. The major achievement was at a speed of 366.94 kmph, which is a speed record for a ‘partially streamlined electric motorcycle over 300kgs.’ Apart from this, at 349 kmph, the e-bike and Max Biaggi successfully registered another record for the non-streamlined Voxan Wattman.

Additionally, there are nine more important achievements, which include-

  • – ¼ mile, flying start, partially streamlined: 394.45 kmph (245.10 mph) – no previous record
  • – ¼ mile, flying start, non-streamlined: 357.19 kmph (221.95 mph) – no previous record
  • – 1 km, flying start, partially streamlined: 386.35 kmph (240.07 mph – previous record: 329.31 kmph (204.62 mph)
  • – ¼ mile, standing start, non-streamlined: 126.20 kmph (78.42 mph) – no previous record
  • – ¼ mile, standing start, partially streamlined: 127.30 kmph (79.10 mph) – previous record: 87.16 km/h (54.16 mph)
  • – 1 km, standing start, non-streamlined: 185.56 kmph (115.30 mph) – no previous record
  • – 1 km, standing start, partially streamlined: 191.84 kmph (119.20 mph) – previous record: 122.48 km/h (76.11 mph)
  • – 1 mile, standing start, non-streamlined: 222.82 kmph (138.45 mph) – no previous record
  • – 1 mile, standing start, partially streamlined: 225.01 kmph (139.81 mph) – no previous record

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The reason this achievement is appreciated is that the Voxan Wattman team managed to register all these records amidst the pandemic. The scheduled sprint event was initially planned to be conducted at the beginning of 2019, at Salar de Uyuni salt flat in Bolivia. But all this was postponed due to the ongoing pandemic and the concern for the team’s safety. Fortunately, the team at Voxan Motors has managed to pull off this feat before the year-end.

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