Volkswagen India Enters Certified Used Car Business

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The global automotive industry acknowledges that COVID-19 will bring about some drastic changes in the industry, some of which we are already starting to witness as governments across the globe begin to ease restrictions. One of the most prominent changes would be the demand for personal mobility – people want to be able to move around without risking infection, thus driving the demand for personal vehicles.

To make this demand more feasible and convenient to people, German car manufacturer Volkswagen has announced its new plans of focussing on the used car business in the country. Under the Das WeltAuto 3.0 (DWA) programme, Volkswagen intends to offer a more professional and transparent transaction for those looking at buying or selling a pre-owned car.

volkswagen india das welttauto 3.0

Details About The Business

Through the Das WeltAuto 3.0, Volkswagen India will not only cater to selling pre-owned Volkswagens but other brands as well. Through DWA, the German brand claims that it will be able to offer competitive prices with certified pre-owned vehicles in addition to accessories, service and even warranty packages on all pre-owned models it sells through the platform. This will be done at 105 Das WeltAuto (DWA) outlets across India that are certified multi-brand pre-owned car facilities of Volkswagen.

The company also states that every product coming under it will be thoroughly checked and certified by well-trained professionals. The company explained that its partners examine the models on the basis of a comprehensive checklist so as to ensure a safe used car purchase experience every time. Every car, it added, is certified after necessary due diligence has been conducted.

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Every pre-owned vehicle retailed via Das Welt Auto is subjected to a stringent process wherein defective parts are identified and replaced and the car is entirely refurbished for sale. After refurbishment, the car is again inspected by a third-party inspector who then certifies the second-hand car. As an added bonus, Volkswagen Das WeltAuto is also offering accessories, service schemes and warranty packages (up to 12 months).

Speaking on the enhancement of the used car business, Mr. Steffen Knapp, Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars India said, “The current COVID-19 situation has created a demand for accessible and safe individual mobility options. We see customers inclined towards the used car segment, which enables them with an affordable vehicle of their choice.”

For a seamless and contactless experience, the brand has enabled the digitization of its used car business. Volkswagen will be bringing its used car platform to the digital space by enabling prospective customers to buy or sell his/her car on the dedicated website set by the company. Additionally, the DWA mobile application will also help customers self-evaluate their current vehicle, wherein the valuation is provided on the basis of the algorithms given by the Indian Blue Book. The mobile application is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Volkswagen believes that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, customers are focusing on used cars. The company is confident that DWA will gain momentum in the months to come and stay strong in the post-COVID scenario and therefore Volkswagen aims to make the DWAs a one-stop solution for buying and selling of all brand pre-owned cars while allowing customers to make informed decisions.

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