[VIDEO] Volvo S90 / V90 can survive an apocalypse, scores 5 stars in Euro NCAP crash tests

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Recently, I came across a meme on the internet that read – “if you ever feel useless in life just remember that it’s someone’s job to crash test Volvos”. Out of curiosity I shuffled through a few websites on the internet to check the history of Volvo’s crash test results and the conclusion is that Volvo does make some rally safe cars. Well the safety ratings are distributed by taking a lot of aspects under consideration and these Swedish cars do a good 5-star job at it. In latest news, the Volvo S90 saloon and its estate version, the V90 have scored a healthy 5-star in the recent Euro NCAP crash test.


The folks at Euro NCAP stated that Launched last year, the S90 and V90 are the latest additions to the Volvo Cars line-up and the first cars to be tested against Euro NCAP’s 2017 test regime. Both models take advantage of the many advanced technologies of the XC90 and made a big impression in all areas of Euro NCAP’s assessment. Standard-fit autonomous emergency braking for cars and pedestrians performed outstandingly well in Euro NCAP’s tests and the vehicles also offer lane and speed assistance. The S90 and V90 results surpass the best overall score of any model tested last year and now make Euro NCAP’s top-3 best performing cars ever.

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For this crash test the Volvo S90 D4 ‘Momentum’, LHD variant was used.  It is stated in the report that the Volvo V90 is an estate version of the S90 saloon. Euro NCAP has verified that the results of the V90 are as good as or better than those of the S90. Accordingly, the rating presented here is based on the assessment of the Volvo S90.


The findings of the test are as follows:

  • Passenger compartment of the S90 / V90 remained stable in the frontal offset test
  • Dummy readings indicated good protection of the knees and femurs for both the driver and passenger. Volvo demonstrated that a similar level of protection would be provided to occupants of different sizes and to those sat in different positions.
  • In the full-width rigid barrier test, protection of the driver was almost entirely good.
  • Chest protection for the rear passenger was marginal but that of other body regions was good or adequate.
  • In the side barrier impact, the S90 provided good protection for all critical body regions and scored maximum points.
  • Even in the more severe side pole impact, protection of the chest was adequate and that of other body areas was good.
  • Tests on the front seats and head restraints demonstrated good protection against whiplash injury in the event of a rear-end collision.
  • A geometric assessment of the rear seats also indicated good whiplash protection. Additional whiplash protection is provided by ‘City Safety’, Volvo’s autonomous emergency braking system.
  • In tests of its performance at low speeds typical of city driving, the system scored maximum points, avoiding collision at all test speeds.

Here is the crash test video!

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