VDO: Volkswagen Vento unveiled in Russia

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The first official video of the eagerly awaited VW Polo sedan or the Vento. Check out the video after the text

The Volkswagen Vento, ot the Polo sedan has been unveiled in Russia. We stumbled upon this video of the new car on Youtube, and thought we would share it with you as it lets you see the car from various angles and gives you a chance to have a quick glance at its interiors as well. The video also reveals a few details about the car, like a choice of seven colors in Russia (Mostly Black, white and shades of off white and grey). Only blue and red are the two vibrant colors.

Apart from the color options, the videos also shows the telescopic and tilt adjustable steering wheel of the car, and shows the quality materials used for the dashboard and center console. The back, bench of the car as shown in the video looks very spacious and should provide for ample legroom and comfort for long journeys.

We were not able to understand anything of what the narrator said in the video featuring who we think is Vladimir Putin, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So have a look at the most detailed video of the new Vento (they call it Polo in Russia) yet!

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