VIDEO: Royal Enfield motorcycle seized for being too loud

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Those so called “budget” aftermarket exhaust create nothing but nuisance for everyone around. We have seen them on vehicles ranging from scooters to even some entry-level performance motorcycles. A recent case came to light after cops seized a Royal Enfield motorcycle for being too loud.


The incident took place in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra where the local law administrators seized the vehicle. The owner of the motorcycle is one Dhananjay Patil, who is the son of a local corporator. Police officials claim that the noise from the exhaust could be heard from five kilometers away. The exhaust made a loud noise that would sound like a gun fire. He later accepted his fault and apologised for creating annoyance.


He was charged under section 119 (2) and 190 (2). He was also made to pay a INR 1,000 fine. The cops said that they would let the motorcycle go only after the exhaust has been changed with the stock unit. He, however, could be seen riding away with the aftermarket exhaust with his pillion carrying the stock unit. We really hope he changed it after all.


This is not the first case of illegal modification and most definitely will not be the last. But we really hope sense prevails in a wider group of riders and they refrain from such modifications. Check out the complete report in the video below. Do share your views about the incident through the comments section below.

Source: Abp Majha

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