VIDEO: Renner’s 34 foot high motorcycle jump from his helmet mounted cam

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Pole vaulting World Record is held by Renaud Lavillenie for crossing the height of 6.16 m (20 ft 21⁄2 in) in 2014. Now imagine someone doing it on a motorcycle, with a height that’s almost one and a half times more than that!

Motocross freestyle biker Ronnie Renner cleared a breathtaking height of 34 feet (10.36 meters) to win the Moto X Step Up — a bike high jump competition at the Summer X Games 2014 in Austin, Texas.


“The impact becomes a real big issue anything over 35 feet. I’ve got a ripping headache right now from landing so hard. We’re falling four stories out of the sky, and that’s not talking it up at all. That’s being nice. It’s pretty gnarly,” said Renner, after clearing a bar set of 47 feet in Los Angeles in 2012.

Watch the video for a view from his eyes.

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