Video Released By Hyundai Shows How Employees Implement New Safety Measures

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For the fourth phase of the nationwide lockdown, the Central Government of India has relaxed a few restrictions in order to kick start business activities around the country in order to revive the sleeping economy. However, resumption of business is purely subjected to the safety measures incorporated on a daily basis by all the business houses and their respective facilities.

Hyundai India is one of the major auto manufacturers of the country which has been able to resume manufacturing activities, however, in a scaled manner during the fourth phase of the lockdown. Hyundai Motors India has released a video of its employees getting back into action and undertaking all the necessary precautionary measures.

As per the video shown, all the employees are seen wearing a mask and getting their hand sanitized before getting onto the company bus to arrive at the manufacturing facility in the outskirts of Chennai. All employees are screened at regular intervals. Their temperatures are recorded with thermal devices as they board the company buses. Seating within the bus follows strict social distancing measures and employees are expected to maintain sufficient distance during boarding, seating and alighting from the buses.

Additional buses have been enrolled into service for this purpose. On arrival at the plant, temperatures of each employee are checked once again. Leg operated hand washbasins and hand sanitizers have been installed and the entire exterior and interior of the premises are sprayed at regular intervals.

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As the video moves forward, it is shown the entire premises of the facility is being cleansed by spraying disinfectants. The shop floor, assembly lines and offices are being cleaned at regular intervals of time. Each vehicle entering into the facility along with the driver is also being disinfected. Not only that, even in the kitchen the vegetables and other edibles are thoroughly washed before being cooked. The canteen area is also disinfected regularly and the tables have been divided by screens so that no one can come in contact with each other.

As per the Government directives, practising social distancing is a vital requirement. Each employee is separated by an air curtain and every effort is taken to ensure that no mobile phones or stationery change hands during the course of the day. In the event of a phone conversation being shared by two persons, the phone has to be put onto speaker mode for the next person to speak.

Hands-free door opening systems have been installed and leg operated water taps make it completely safe for every employee to use. This screening process continues until the time the employee leaves the factory premises. Temperatures are checked at the exit and the same process of boarding the buses with social distancing follows at the end of the day. With the Covid-19 pandemic far from being over, economic activities have to be carried out in a safe environment and all companies have to ensure such practices on a daily basis so that infections are not spread.

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