Video: MotoGP playboy Barry Sheene’s biopic teaser trailer reminds us of James Hunt and Rush

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Barry Sheene biopic

Barry Sheene, one of the best known MotoGP racers, who has two 500cc world titles to his name will soon have his life depicted through a movie. The movie, to be called ‘Sheene’ will be released in cinemas worldwide, and is slated to hit the production floor soon. The filming for the movie will begin by the end of 2016. Casting for the movie will take place within the next few months.

A vivid character, Barry Sheene was known for his lifestyle off the track as much as he was known for his bravado on it. Barry was one of the most talked about ‘Playboys’ on two-wheels and loved good-looking women as much as he loved the thrill of speed. He broke 67 bones during his MotoGP career.

Barry Sheene biopic

Sheene enjoyed his lifestyle, and socialised with friends such as F1 superstar James Hunt (depicted recently in another movie Rush). He smoked, drank and made merry. He even had a hole drilled through the chin-bar on his full-face helmet allowing him to smoke right up to the start of a race. The film will portray Sheene’s lifestyle and his time on the track, including some notorious mishaps.

La Frenais and Dick Clement, the screenwriters for the movie, are thrilled about portraying the racer’s life, and are amazed that his story hasn’t yet been cast in celluloid. La Frenais, talking about his life said: ‘It’s surprising it’s not been done. It’s about sport, but it’s also about living your life to the absolute limit.

While a full-fledged feature film will be made on Sheene’s life for the first time, a documentary has been made on his life earlier, too. He was portrayed alongside James Hunt in a documentary ‘When Playboys Rules the World’ years back. Do check it out!

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