VIDEO: KTM 390 Duke Crash Reminds Why Target Fixation Is A Big No-No

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Here’s a video of a KTM 390 Duke crash from Nepal that reminds why target fixation is a big no-no while riding a motorcycle. As seen in the video, the KTM 390 Duke rider is going around a corner while someone records. However, the rider completely misses the oncoming pick-up truck that’s coming from the other side. Watching the obstruction at the last moment, the rider hits the brakes, but a little too late to halt. He ends up crashing head-on with the pick-up truck.

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Check out the video below:

What is target fixation?

Target fixation happens when you see an imminent crash, or something apparently unavoidable in your path and, instead of looking at ways you can safely escape the danger, your eyes lock onto the part of the corner where you think you are going to crash. Instead, take your eyes off the obstruction, don’t panic, and just look at the farthest point of the road ahead visible to you. Other measures include not going too fast around blind corners and wearing proper safety gear while riding a motorcycle.

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