VIDEO: One Of The Most Incredible Motorcycle Crash Saves You Will Ever See


During a race, riders might deploy different techniques to beat the clock and their rivals around a circuit. However, there’s one thing which is common about all of them. No matter what they do, they’ve got to stay on the saddle, at all times. When the stakes are high, the motorcycle under you is a monster and every millisecond counts, the entire grid is at the edge of every limit, trying to stay on top of their machines.

In this video, just as MotoAmerica racer Anthony West reaches the crest of a hill, his motorcycle loses composure towards the downhill section. Miraculously, even when his body and the bike get in all sorts of awkward shapes, the racer somehow manages to hold on to his bike, before dragging his feet alongside and bringing the machine to a halt.


Want More? Here’s Randy Mamola pulling off a similar act astride his 500cc analogue machine during the 1985 San Marino Grand Prix.

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