Sponsored Video: Johnnie Walker and Mika Hakkinen Urge You to never Mix Drinking and Driving

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Johnnie Walker drink responsibly

Holidays are here, and the mood is festive. It’s easy to get carried away and have a drink too many at the party even when you know that you have to drive yourself and your family back to home. While one may feel that he is well within his senses after a drink or two, it’s scientifically proven now that even small quantities of alcohol can reduce your reaction time significantly, and put you and your family in jeopardy in situations where you need to react quickly.

To discourage drunken driving, Whiskey maker Johnnie Walker has introduced a highly laudable video to desist careless revelers from the act. Features the iconic F1 driver Mika Hakkinen, the video shows an F1 car made of whiskey glasses, which eventually smash – representing what could possibly happen if you lose your concentration even for a split second. The video concludes with the ace driver urging people to drink responsibly.

Mika hakkinen drink responsibly

“Just as it is every time you get behind the wheel, a split second decision can be the difference between finishing first, last, or not at all. Make the right choice and stay in control.” Mika urges. The new campaign from Johnnie Walker also urges people to join the pact to never drink and drive.

You can show your commitment with hashtag #ImNOTdriving. Let’s help the world get home safely, lets spread the word. Check out the video below

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