Surprise! Lexus RX400h spotted in Pune!

Lexus rx400h India launch, pics, specs, and details

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We reported in detail when rumors recently surfaced that Toyota could be contemplating bringing its luxury cars to India. However, towards the end of last year, a senior official at TKM told us that the manufacturer has decided against bringing Lexus brand of cars to us. This decision was taken due to high duties and rupee volatility.

Now, in a development that comes across as pretty interesting, a Lexus 400h has been spotted in Pune. The car that has been spotted bears a private registration plates and has left us wondering if there is a story behind the sighting of this Lexus model. It may be noted that this surely isn’t the first time that an international car, which has almost no probability of making it to us, has been spotted in Pune. Regulars here would remember that as many as three different 3-door i20s, complete with private registration plates, have been spotted in Pune in last 1 year. There have been more such sightings and we still can’t find out a logical explanation for most of these. 


Anyway, the Lexus RX400h that you see here belongs to the second generation and the third generation car is already on sale in many international markets. The RX400h we have here boasts of a 3.3L petrol hybrid powertrain. Unfortunately, TKM doesn’t seem to be planning to launch the RX400h in India and it would be safe to assume that the car we have here is a ‘private import’.

Do let us know if we are wrong.

Spy Pics courtesy- Motorbash

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  • sidd says:

    i see nothing to make a fuss about
    even in delhi i have spotted two different 3 door i20s many times with private plates and many Lexus, even Cadillac