Video: Hero or Villain? Arizona Cop mows down armed man with car


 Armed suspect rammed down Arizona tucson

You may have seen several cop-chase videos on streaming video sites, and some of the interesting and shocking ones being shared here by Motoroids. This one is another such out of the ordinary video. The incident took place in the suburbs of Tucson where an armed man carrying a highly potent rifle was spotted by cops on patrol. The video footage shows the suspect brandishing his gun and ignoring several warnings by the cop in the patrol car.

Unperturbed by the warnings, the suspect named Mario Valencia, 36 years of age, and with a history of run-ins with the law-enforcing authorities keeps walking towards a more populated area. In fact he responds to the police warning by firing a round in the air.

Armed suspect rammed down Arizona tucson 2

While the cop in the lead car is still trying to converse and persuade the man to bring his gun down, another cop in a following car decides that it’s too dangerous to let a crazy man run amok on populated streets with a loaded gun in his hands. He then decided to accelerate and takes the man down with his car’s bonnet, putting his own life in danger as he crashes into a wall ahead.

Quite a few people are calling this action an unlawful, unwarranted use of force, while others are hailing the cop in question as a hero who put his own life on the line for public safety. The suspect, in the meantime has survived. He was sent to a hospital where he was operated and is now out of danger.

The officer, who has been identified as Michael Rapiejko has been, in the meantime, cleared of all charges and is back on duty.

Have a look at this insane video from two different perspective and do let us know what you think of the entire scenario.

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