Video: Delhi Thak-Thak Gang’s CCTV footage is a lesson for every car driver


 Delhi Thak Thak Gang

In a country like India where law enforcement is next to non-existent unless mandated by someone high up in the political setup, CCTV cameras have emerged as a boon. Working diligently round the clock, these artificial eyes are helping citizens keep vigil and nab culprits, if the cops choose to cooperate that is.

Here’s one such shocking CCTV footage of an Agra based businessman who got duped by a bunch of impeccably well-coordinated thieves in wide daylight in Delhi. This gang of thugs is known as the Thak-Thak Gang, as they knock on the victim’s car window as they begin executing their plan.

Delhi Thak Thak Gang 2

Sarv Prakash Kapoor was on a business trip to Delhi when he decided to go to a temple to offer his prayers. His driver, in the meantime, waited for him inside the car.  A bunch of thieves emerged out of nowhere, and executed a flawless plan to dupe the businessman of Rs 7.5 lakh rupees.

You’ll see the scheme unfolding in the video below. What is shocking, however, is the apathy of Delhi Police towards the victim. Despite having a clear footage of multiple members of the gang on tape, the cops don’t apparently have any inclination to try and bust this gang of thugs.

Check out the video below to learn what not to do when someone knocks on the window of your car. Don’t forget sharing the link, and spreading awareness by using Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp icons at the bottom of the page