VIDEO: Cop Swings Lathi At Motorcyclist Riding Without A Helmet; Severely Injures The Pillion

Video of cop swinging lathi at motorcyclist riding without a helmet causes stir. Here are all details and video of the incident.

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A cop was caught on camera, swinging his lathi at a motorcyclist riding without a helmet. The incident which took place in Kallupalam, Kanyakumari was caught by a CCTV camera. Cops were catching anyone riding a two-wheeler without a proper helmet when one of the motorcyclists decided to try his luck and make way through the police officers flagging down rider. However, the pillion wasn’t so lucky. The cop decided to swing his lathi at the motorcyclist, and ended up hitting the pillion.

Here’s the CCTV footage of the incident:

The pillion sustained injuries to his head. The rider stopped the motorcycle and soon a big crowd gathered around. The angry crowd caught hold of the cops.

Here’s the video of the cops being caught by the angry crowd (via BehindwoodsTV):

Who is at fault here?

Everyone must wear a helmet while riding any two-wheeler. Secondly, the motorcyclist should’ve slowed down at the check-post instead of trying to speed away. The cop, on the other hand, should’ve noted the number of the vehicle and traced it, instead of swinging the lathi at the motorcyclist which may have caused an even serious accident and injury.

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  • Adarsh Rana says:

    This could be more dangerous also. Government should enforce law strictly throughout India immediately. One can see this kind of scenario everywhere around us. There is no no respect for laws. Why we are giving chance to cops to do all these things.. Ridiculous