Watch: Even Gods care about road safety and Sachin Tendulkar just proved it


Also known as the ‘God’ of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar is a thorough gentleman, both on and off the field. The soft spoken maestro might not be smashing fast bowlers all over the cricket ground any more. But as an influential personality who has been and continues to be an icon for the youth, the legend is a concerned citizen and still bats for the right cause.

He posted a little snippet on Twitter, where two excited, but helmet less young men spot him inside his car and get busy taking a selfie. At his best behaviour, even when no one’s looking, he politely asks them to promise that they’d wear a helmet the next time they ride a two-wheeler. The ‘God’ makes them understand how it’s dangerous to be leave their temple naked like that, and how life is precious. If the comments on his account are proof, a lot of people who follow him have paid heed to the message already.

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