VIDEO : CEAT Launches Drive Safe Dad Campaign

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CEAT has launched the second installment of its Drive Safe Dad campaign. The focus of the campaign is to discourage over-speeding, which is one of the major factors for road accidents. The idea is based on the premise that drivers are often reluctant to fit speed sensors in their car. That’s why CEAT chose kids to persuade their fathers. Dads, on the other hand, loved this gesture as it subtly reminded them to drive within speed limits and served as a conscience meter.

In this initiative, fathers received a personalized bobble head which is attached to the odometer of the vehicle. On over speeding, the device plays the recorded personalised message from their sons or daughters asking them to slow down. The campaign video which takes the viewers through this journey, has over a million hits already and is trending on YouTube India.

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Speaking about the initiative, Nitish Bajaj, Vice President-Marketing, CEAT Ltd., said that the campaign taps into the love and bond shared between a father and child, encouraging them to be more responsible on the road and follow the rules, more diligently. Drive Safe Dad is a unique concept that merges with CEAT’s purpose of safety seamlessly and the tyre maker intend to take more such road safety initiatives in future, he further added.

CEAT has been associated with road safety and has taken multiple initiatives to promote it in the past including, setting up Breathalyzers across Mumbai, tie-up with Party Hard Drivers, and much more. Check out the video below:

CEAT – Drive Safe Campaign – 4
CEAT – Drive Safe Campaign – 3
CEAT – Drive Safe Campaign – 2
CEAT – Drive Safe Campaign – 1

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