CEAT to install Breath Analyzer across the Financial Capital, joins hands with Mumbai Police

CEAT to Install Breath Analyzer across the Financial Capital. The tyre maker has joined hands with Mumbai Police. More details, images and video here.

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Indian tyre manufacturer CEAT and Mumbai Police have joined hands to make roads safer. The tyre maker, in conjunction with Mumbai Police, has installed Breath Analyzers across various pubs in the city. At present, CEAT has already installed Breath Analyzer in Monkey Bar, Elbo Room, Escobar, Bora Bora, I bar, Marine Plaza, Khar Social and Corniche in Mumbai. CEAT further plans to install more Breath Analyzers across host of pubs and lounges in India.

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CEAT has also launched its digital campaign on the initiative across multiple digital platforms. The Youtube video #NoMoreFunny has already gone viral just two days after its launch and has around 700,000 views on YouTube in less than 24 hours. The video has also amassed around 200, 000 views on Facebook too. Check out the video below

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The Breath Analyzer is a device helps people identify their state of inebriation, and basis that decide if they are legally allowed to drink and drive. In order to gauge the state of insobriety, the user has to, take a straw and blow it inside the Breath Analyzer. The device will analyse and ascertain if the user has reached the maximum permissible limit for him to drive, thus helping them take an informed decision minimizing safety risks.

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