VIDEO : BMW Pulls Off The Best April Fool’s Joke Of The Year

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Well, you got pissed off real bad today the reason being a very nasty April fool joke played on you by your friends ? Check this out as it might brighten up your mood a bit.

It all started with BMW of New Zealand putting up an ad in the local newspaper which said whoever will bring this ad cutting to the BMW Newmarket dealership first, will get the opportunity to swap his car and ride back home in a brand new BMW car. Being April 1st, many people turned a blind eye to the advertisement, except for these two ladies.


In the video, you can see the dealership is all prepped up to catch all the action on video. Soon after, you can see two ladies enter the dealership parking lot in a white estate car. They approach Tom and what follows after is to be watched in the video. So head over to the video and see who got fooled.


Catch the video here : (Head over to Youtube if it doesn’t load here)


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