VIDEO: Ambulance experiment showcases traffic misery in India

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The person inside the ambulance hangs between life and death as the siren keeps making sound but all the attempts to cross the never ending traffic goes in vain. We Indians are good at making relations wherever we go but what happens when one of our brother or sister is in serious need of medical aid as the ambulance tries to make way to the hospital?

A shocking video of Ambulance experiment compares the Indian driving etiquette to the overseas counterparts when it comes to making way for an emergency vehicle.


Shot by Varun Pruthi, the video showcases how people in India would continue to drive without paying any attention to the oncoming ambulance. It’s a mixed collage of videos comparing the driving habits as against the ones found overseas.

From people on scooters to big SUVs, people are seen coming in the path of the ambulance, splitting lanes and making it more inconvenient for the emergency vehicles to go ahead.


Here is the shocking video of how ambulance are treated on Indian roads versus the overseas counterparts.

Do share your comments on the Indian driving etiquettes.

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