Video: 2012 VW Beetle spied, looks more sporty than classic

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One of the most iconic cars in the history of the automobiles is undergoing a makeover, and the good guys at have shot the new car testing. Our first impressions after having a good look at the video are that in its newest avatar, the beetle is looking more sporty than classic. It’s looking, long, low and aerodynamic, and has some noticeable differences to the current version, especially around the headlight area, the roofline and the tail.

One interesting thing that you will notice with that video is that the photographers are sitting ready with their long lenses throughout the route this baby traverses. There can be two reasons for it. First, they knew that the car is going to pass through this route and were prepared with multiple guys ready to shoot it. Second, and a more entertaining thought is, probably VW planted these guys – we have seen enough carmakers showing their cars on the web via professionally shot ‘spy videos and pictures’.

Even if latter is true, the credit entirely goes to the guys at secretnewcars. Thanks a ton, people.


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  • mahesh bhagat says:

    I've need to know this price with including with ac & other facilities & also what is the speed

    I want to buy or booking this car.

    what is the top speed in haiway

  • Sumit Berry says:

    What a bad impression of an Artist ! He just took a Vauxhall Agila/Suzuki Swift and put Renault's Logo up it nose and photoshopped the headlights.