Upcoming Skoda Fabia engine specs revealed at Euro 6 meet

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The new 2015 Skoda Fabia is claimed to sets new benchmarks in terms of fuel consumption and emissions with up to 17 per cent less fuel consumption than its predecessor. The new Fabia will officially debut in Paris in October 2014.

Counting the GreenLine variant, customers in EU countries will have a choice of four petrol and three diesel engines, all of them compliant with the new EU6 emissions regulation and featuring a start-stop system and kinetic energy recuperation as standards. Transmissions will be either a manual or a DSG double-clutch gearbox.

The petrol engines available are new three- and four-cylinder series based on MQB technology. The 1.0 MPI three-cylinders have indirect injection, while the four-cylinders are turbocharged with stratified injection (TSI) and engine size of 1.2 litres. Power output begins at 60 hp and ranges up to 110 hp.

Diesel engines available for the new Skoda Fabia comprise three performance levels of the new turbocharged direct-injection 1.4 litre common-rail design with three cylinders. Its engine block is made of aluminium alloy. At 74 hp to 103 hp, power output is unchanged from the second generation of the Fabia, though engine size is now 1.4 litres, not 1.6 litres as it was.

The new Skoda Fabia will also be lighter in weight by up to 65 kg lower than hitherto (adjusted for equipment), with the 1.0 MPI three cylinder baseline model weighing in dry (without driver) at just 980 kg.

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