Uniquely Modified Royal Enfield By Eimor Customs Is Full Of Prehistoric Art

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Based on a 2015 Royal Enfield Electra, this modified example by Eimor Customs is called the Osiris. Who’s that? In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is the God of Life, Death, the flooding of the Nile and the afterlife. So if you take a look at the top of this bike’s custom fuel tank, it is full of elements which are related to Osiris’ beard, his crown, his wand and the eye of Horus among other things.

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Osiris By Eimor Customs three quarters

If you look at the tank sideways, the paint scheme is inspired and derived from Egyptian mythology and hence the emerald green and gold colour combination. Hieroglyphics can be seen on the sides of the tank, a golden rope adorns the bottom base and the brass tank cap acts as a crown jewel. Besides the Egyptian art, the Osiris is quite a looker, a whole lot of credit for which goes to that distinctly designed exhaust system. It comes under through the frame of the bike before exiting out just where the seat ends.

Osiris By Eimor Customsfuel tank right

Talking about the seat, we like how the quilted tan leather looks right at home next to the Emerald Green on the tank. The stock headlight casing has been removed and replaced with LED headlight and a twin-pod console. The bike gets a rear disc brake, which until some time ago, wasn’t offered at all. The bike gets 18″ knobby rubber at both ends. Heat shielding and insulation has been applied at applicable places and Biltwell rubber grips adorn the handlebar, while bar end mirrors add more style. Brass has been used at certain places, the end-weights for instance and there’s a bash plate to protect the engine just in case the bike feels like climbing a pyramid.

Osiris By Eimor Customs side profile

Overall, it is a neatly executed mod job which is rather unique for what it takes inspiration from. The way those details on the tank have been carved, the brass-finished fuel tank lid and that differently routed exhaust pipe, do add a lot of character to this build. This one will grab a lot of attention on the road and even when it is at a standstill.

Osiris By Eimor Customs instrument cluster
Osiris By Eimor Customs tank engravings
Osiris By Eimor Customs three quarters
Osiris By Eimor Customs exhaust opening
Osiris By Eimor Customsrear
Osiris By Eimor Customsfuel tank right
Osiris By Eimor Customsfuel tank left
Osiris By Eimor Customs side profile left
Osiris By Eimor Customs side profile
Osiris By Eimor Customs fuel tank lid