UK Learner Driver Fails Theory Test 110 Times; Spends 3410 GBP


In India, an individual can literally secure a driving license without even visiting the local RTO. Such is the condition of the issuing of license, so its no wonder there are so many accidents due to motorists who are not qualified enough to drive on public roads.

In the UK, one has to clear a theory test before taking the practical driving test to secure a license. A 28 year old woman in the UK was so determined to have a driving license that she gave the test a whopping 110 times and still has to clear it.


It costs 31 GBP per theory test, so in all she paid a sum of 3410 GBP on the test. Add some more expenses like travel, stationary etc to this figure. This woman holds the all-time record for failing the theory test and is followed at a considerable distance by a 30 year old man from Peterborough who failed the test 86 times and is still not entitled to drive legally.

The average pass rate in United Kingdom is only 65.4 percent and even if she eventually passes the theory test,  she will have to clear the practical test before hitting the streets. The practical test lasts approximately 40 minutes and costs 62 GBP during weekdays and 75 GBP during weekends, bank holiday or in the evening.

India needs strict rules and stringent tests to be conducted before an individual is issued a driving license. With the Government recently announcing the amendment to the Motor Vehicles Act, we can hope the issue will be taken care of too.

via : Dailymail

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  • Narayanan says:

    India follows many British standards and rules and getting a license is not that different. I realised this only when I got my British driving license. Even in India, there is a objective theory test (which one has to take while applying learner’s license).

    Most of the traffic signs are used even in India.

    Unfortunately, both the procedures and signs have lost its purpose. I remember writing an objective theory test containing 10 questions while taking up the learner’s license which was filled up by the driving school itself. Coming to traffic signs, I noticed a white round sign with a black diagonal strip, which in UK is called as “National speed limit” and a yield signs. Until I passed the UK driving test, I wasnt even aware of the meaning of such signs. I cross verified these with may friends after coming back and no one still has clues. 🙁

  • Ketan says:

    LoL, I got my License without giving any practical test. That fellow was too tired I guess. Just made my start a four wheeler and I got both Four Wheeler and Two Wheeler license.