India’s Motor Vehicles Act will soon match International Standards

The Transport Minister has announced, a bill for amendments in the Motor Vehicles Act will be presented in the Parliament in 3 months after detailed study.

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There aren’t many places on the face of this planet like our country, the unique sights, smell and sounds make it a place, one of it’s kind. When it comes to the people which include you and me, we have to agree, we aren’t as good as our nation. We litter, we act insensitive, we do everything that suggests we are foreigners in our own nation. Our road manners are famous for the wrong reasons, our city roads are more dangerous than the ‘Death Road’ in Bolivia and some of us still think, unless there is Alcohol inside us, the car won’t start.


All of this should change, we hope it changes, we will change and we want you, the reader, to be a part of this change. Apparently, the Government which went through a change feels the same. The Transport Minister had earlier announced amendments in the Motor Vehicles Act, for which a bill needs to be passed in the Parliament.  The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has now said it needs three months to review the current Motor Vehicles Act and thereafter will introduce it afresh in Parliament.

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Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said, “We need three months to study the (Motor Vehicle) Act in its totality and then we will try and bring it in Parliament in its next session.”

Gadkari, on June 5, had said that the government in a month’s time will re-draft the Motor Vehicle amendment bill, which will be in sync with six advanced nations – US, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Germany and the UK, and thereafter will introduce it in Parliament.

Repeated violations of traffic rules resulting in cancellation of driving license is likely to be one of the major amendments to the Bill.

“If anyone violates the road rules more than three times, his driving licence will be suspended for six months and if he continues to violate after that, then the driving licence will be cancelled. These are some of the considerations as part of redrafting the Motor Vehicles bill,” the Minister had said. He added that the Act should be as per international standards.

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Several provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, especially those related to penalties for violations, have not been found to be effective in checking road accidents. The last time the Act was amended was in 2001.

Source: ET

Picture Courtesy: ; The Hindu and DnaIndia

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  • Anonymous says:

    So to avoid these corrupt cops we should not obey the traffic rules… this way or the other way thing will fall in order

  • ashutosh khanna says:

    So you did cross the line ??? why blame police !

  • Vidur says:

    How are the cops supposed to stop the ones without a license?? I see so many kids operating trucks, autos, machinery…not sure how we’re going to address this issue?

    License with a point system like in the US makes a lot of sense and its a good move. I just hope the implementation and follow up is thorough. Also cops need to be able to check the authenticity of a license…most cops cant even find out if a license being presented is genuine or fake

  • D B says:

    We are afraid of the police because sometimes the police simply apply rules for imposing some fine on the drivers. Sometimes the police simply imposes false case on innocent drivers. I got a rash driving case once while it was a while line crossing case.
    I got a wrong way case once because the traffic rules there were not according to international standards and infact was just the opposite to standard driving patterns. The police simply says.. “Now I have to give u a case anyhow.. okay lets adjust for a white line crossing case of Rs.100”.
    This is the condition of the traffic police today.

    Undoubtedly there are a lot of reckless drivers in India today.. But that number is limited. The police today is mostly about imposing fine to the drivers. They don’t care about bettering them. They just dont cooperate. All they care about is the chaalan that can be booked.

  • Rahul Meghlan says:

    I think apart from strengthening the rules, we need to strengthen the enforcement of these rules.
    I have seen many times police people break laws and many times they charge innocent people with fake charges.

    Technology should be brought into this, as our policemen are not so trust worthy, whom we can depend for enforcement.

    I think we need something like : Traffic Enforcement Camera.
    Link :